Top 5 Famous Arsenal Fans

Guest Post Written by Mel from GunnerGirls YouTube Channel.

Arsenal has millions of fans over the world, in many forms and from all walks of life. But out of all the Premier League Clubs, it seems like Arsenal have huge support from particularly famous fans, from the hottest rapper in the world, to an actual Prince.

To prove it, here is a list of the top five most famous Arsenal fans, you may be surprised to see who is on this list!

[title]1. Jay-Z[/title]

Yes, the famous Brooklyn hip-hop rapper is a huge fan of Arsenal. He is even rumored to want to buy shares of the club. The Rapper has been seen at the Emirates stadium for fixtures on a number of occasions.

[title]2. Prince Harry[/title]

Though his older brother, Prince Harry has revealed he is an Aston Villa fan, Prince Harry has revealed he is a huge supporter of The Gunners and it’s not just him in his family who’s a big supporter of the team - as we will come to later.

[title]3. Piers Morgan[/title]

The British journalists frequently shares his love for the Gunners in his many tweets about them, he is a strong supporter of the club, but often critical of the team and manager.

This Tweet from when Arsenal beat Fullham 2-0 is a good example of this: “City will romp the Premier League with their dazzling army of world class strikers…unless Wenger spends big again NOW. Good win, top of the League…but the big challenge starts on Feb 8. BUY A STRIKER, ARSENE. #Afc”.

A controverisal fan - but a fan nonetheless.

 photo WCB2-234x60_zpsd47e9ecc.gif

[title]4. Mick Jagger[/title]

The Rolling Stones singer is a huge fan of the club. Known to be one of the most influential men in rock and roll, he also as been said to make a great goalkeeper according to Arsene Wenger!

[title]5. The Queen[/title]

Could you ever have a bigger fan than the Queen of England? Nope! The Queen of England has been a supporter of The Gunners for more than fifty years; she has even met the team when they came to visit her at Buckingham Palace!

The video of that royal meeting can be seen here: Arsenal meet the Queen.

Here are some honorable mentions of other famous Arsenal fans: Spike Lee, Fidel Castro, Matt Damon, Dido, and Diego Maradona.

Which other famous Arsenal fans could have made the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

  • Baz

    Jagger is NOT an Arsenal fan - an internet myth.
    Johnny Rotten, Spike Lee, Kevin Costner, George Clooney are.

  • OJ

    The former norwegian king Olav V and Osama bin Laden were both Arsenal supporters. King Olav had his own seat at Highbury. Osama could not attend at Arsenal matches of various reasons.

  • Robin

    David Frost was a huge Arsenal fan. Bumped into him at. Middlesbrough away game! and he’d hardcover his son up from London as a birthday treat.

  • Robin

    IPad nonsense, apologies. David Frost had driven his son up from London as a birthday treat.