Top 10 Arsene Wenger Quotes

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Arsene Wenger’s tremendous Seventeen-year reign over Arsenal Football Club has taken him well into 2013. The beautiful game is indeed a game of two halves, and you can argue that Wenger’s time at Arsenal has followed suit perfectly.

The first half was adorned with an abundance of class and silverware, with the second half turning out to be painfully fruitless and - at times, mediocre.

In light of this, we’ve compiled ten of the most interesting & relevant Arsene Wenger quotes sourced throughout his long Arsenal career. The diverse selection of quotes include Arsene’s thoughts on being humble in victory, financial responsibility, talent versus hard work, and even Pubs.

1. I Love Competition.

One can always make the argument that Arsene has failed to win any competition for almost eight years now. But I’m sure nobody would deny that the Frenchman is a great lover of Football, Sport, and indeed competitiveness itself. He has always relished the big games, and was never afraid of getting enthralled in managerial mind games. If it’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Arsene Wenger has the mentality of a winner.

“I think we live in a very competitive world, and I love competition.”

2. The Desired Quality Is To Lose Money

It’s a strange, controversial concept. Arsene Wenger has always been criticised for not spending enough money on bolstering his squad, and some may argue the results are currently speaking for themselves. But Arsene has his own standpoint when it comes to finances and responsibility.

“What is unbelievable is that, I am in a position where people reproach me for making a profit. The people who lose money – nobody says a word. Reproach the people who lose money. I do business by managing in a safe way in a healthy way, and on top of that you reproach me for making money. It looks like we are in a business where the desired quality is to lose money.”

3. Boring, Boring Tottenham

Arsene always did enjoy a laugh, and we’re glad it’s at the expense of Tottenham in this case. When asked by a reporter if he managed to watch the Spurs game last night, Wenger replied in a way which any Arsenal fan would be proud of.

“”I tried to watch the Tottenham match on television in my hotel yesterday, but I fell asleep.”[/blockquote]

4. Nobody Has Enough Talent…

Anybody who has researched Arsene Wenger in detail will find that he has some interesting thoughts on issues outside of Football. This one is of course applicable to any situation. Overall, it’s just a great piece of advice, and I’m sure he reminds his young players of this idea regularly.

“Nobody has enough talent to live on talent alone. Even when you have talent, a life without work goes nowhere.”

5. Maybe One Day People Will Realise

More controversy you ask? Go on then. In recent years, Arsene Wenger has constantly been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Players leaving, messy contract negotiations, under-spending, and so forth. But here, Arsene reacts to his critics, and hopes one day they’ll realise…

“There is no priority other than being at the top level in Football. When you look back, you’ll see than Arsenal has been consistently [for Sixteen years] at the top level of European Football. You will find we have been consistently in the top three of four in England, some years we won [the League] and some years we didn’t win. Maybe one day people will realise that it’s not so easy to stay at the top, as well as facing financial compulsories that you face at that level.”

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6. I Try To Teach My Team Politeness

Arsene relates his experiences of Japanese culture when it comes to victory, to describe his views on being humble in times of success. It’s an admirable trait to aspire for, but I can’t really see it catching on. After all, where would we be without Arsene’s famous celebratory dances?

“One of the things I discovered in Japan was from watching sumo wrestling. At the end you can never tell who has won the fight, and who has lost, because they do not show their emotion because it could embarrass the loser. It is unbelievable. That is why I try to teach my team politeness. It is only here in England that everybody pokes their tongue out when they win.”

Please excuse Number 7. Source wasn’t reliable.

8. I Didn’t See It

Everybody’s favourite Arsene Wenger Quote. If there is ever a questionable incident involving an Arsenal player on the pitch - you can guarantee that Arsene Wenger never saw it. He may have been looking directly at it with uninterrupted focus, but that’s not important. He never saw it. Honest.

“Sometimes I see it [a foul by an Arsenal player], but I say that I didn’t see it to protect the players and because I could not find any rational explanation for that they did.”

9. Physically, I Was Sick

A few years back, rumours spread that Arsene Wenger would have to stop the team bus on the way home in order to physically be sick following defeats. The reports were never confirmed, but this statement from Wenger certainly suggests that his emotions seem to be vented via vomit. It’s also a great example of how Wenger struggled for thirty years to achieve the success that he has. His career is indeed a fascinating one.

“”I started at 33 as a manager and sometimes I felt I wouldn’t survive. Physically, I was sick.”

10. I Want To End My Job Here

At the time of writing, Arsene Wenger has failed to win a trophy for Arsenal Football Club for almost eight years. But despite his failings, we can never doubt his commitment, dedication and love for the club he helped establish on a global stage. Without doubt, we owe Arsene Wenger a lot.

“I want to go to the end of my job here [at Arsenal]. I built this team, I want to deliver with this team and I feel that if I left, I would have in some way betrayed my own beliefs. It is as simple as that. I have a project here that I started, and I want to reach the end of it. I could not leave this team at this stage of their development.”

So, there you go.  Ten of the very best Arsene Wenger quotes, epitomising his love for Arsenal, his and even his stance on bringing up kids in pubs .

Arsene Wenger is currently facing immense strife and pressure at Arsenal, and so it’s easy for fans to forget just what a great man he really is. We often take his presence for granted, and fail to recognise the positives. Back in October 2012, I published ten Arsene Wenger Interviews you’ve never seen before. If you’ve lost your love for Arsene - that article will certainly restore it.

Which one of the above Arsene Wenger quotes was your favourite? Have we missed one out? Share it with us in the comments section below!

  • vienna_gooner

    I still believe wenger is the best in the world. Making some mistakes recently though.
    But who does not? Imagine Wenger commanding a squad like barca, mancity or real, etc. What do you think would be his efforts?
    I dont want to say our squad is poor. infact they are really good. just needed one season to find together. If they make the CL (and they will) they go heads up into next
    season with some new top class added and will sure make a title at least.
    in wenger we have to trust,
    he does the rest for us

    • theclockend

      I admire your passion and loyalty to Arsene Wenger Vienna!

      I’m a big Wenger fan, I love what he’s done for us. He has been our best manager - ever.

      But if im being honest, I dont see him as the best in the world anymore. Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, and others have shown that they’re better tactically. For me, Arsene is often caught out in games by the lack of good tactics, or indeed any tactics at all.

      Regardless, he’s still a fantastic manager, and his greatest quotes deserve the respect they get.

  • Akie

    People will realise how special wenger is when he’s gone. And will wish they didn’t moan so much.

    Champions league final
    Thierry Henry, vieira, fabregas, Campbell, toure, song, nasri, cole, van persie, pires, kosielny, vermarlean, jenkinson, Ramsey, oxlade, Gibbs, Walcott, wilshere. And zelalem.
    4 f.a cups (more than any other manager)
    Engineered the move from highbury to the emirates on a tight budget

    He’s a special manager and he’s turned down barca, Madrid, Bayern, PSG and plenty others.

    Be happy he’s arsenal through and through.

    • TheClockEnd

      Very well said mate! Replacing Wenger will be no easy task, if we can do it at all.

  • DaveyP

    Arsene Wenger will go down as an all-time great and I find it puzzling when I hear some of the rubbish talked about him. There are few managers in the history of the game, anywhere in the world, who have managed to change the ethos, culture and playing style of a football club to the extent that everyone has changed their perception of that club. How many people associate Arsenal with dour football? Up to Wenger joining that was the stereotypical view of Arsenal - Graham, Neill, Howe, Mee. Don’t get me wrong there are some legendary names in there but the point is they were successful largely playing to our stereotype. Wenger has completely broken through that to the extent that we are now seen as leading the way in creative, highly technical football. That’s his first real success.

    His second is to have managed the transition of Arsenal from Highbury to the Emirates, maintaining our status as a Champions League club, maintaining the financial stability of the club and ensuring we have built the club the right way. We’re solvent and when we do get back to the top of English football,- because we will (everything goes in cycles) - we will do it by investing the money we’ve earned from managing the club properly and spending money we have earned through success on the pitch. Not like Chelsea, not like Man City both of whom have achieved artificially.

    The third big achievement is to have pioneered the way for for the richness of the foreign talent that now permeates our game. All of the moaning about foreign players depriving our game of national success - what rubbish. The English national team was no good when there were no foreign players. Look at the attendances in the top flight before the influx of foreign players. They were awful. Clubs were on their knees financially. Wenger was the first big foreign manager to come over to England and he has paved the way for others.

    The guy is a genius, he loves Arsenal, and frankly I don’t want anyone else managing this great football club of ours..