Top 10 Tony Adams Quotes

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For 22 years, Tony Alexander Adams plied his trade as a defender for Arsenal Football Club, graduating from the youth system, rising to captaincy, winning trophies and, inevitably, a place in every Arsenal fan’s heart.

Throughout his playing career, Adams earned the nickname “Mr Arsenal”, simply because of his immense love and passion for the Club, both of which were evident every time he stepped out on to the pitch.

After concluding his Footballing career, Tony Adams set out to try his hand at management, a chapter in his life still being written. Naturally though, the end of his playing days have seen him Interviewed more, appear on TV and generally become more outspoken, all of which have led to some pretty interesting Tony Adams quotes.

Adams has spoken in depth about his playing days, past Arsenal greats, current issues and more, so there is plenty to read and reminisce over. Without further ado then, here are ten of the very best Tony Adams quotes (plus a bonus quote to boot).

1. In The Wrong Blazer.

A few years ago, most of us were content with Cesc Fabregas’ rumoured Pizza-throwing antics in relation to Fergie. We all knew he was a great manager, but we simply never liked him.

Now that he has stepped away from the sidelines, this TonyAdams quote suddenly resonates with us all a little more. For Ferguson to praise him so highly, and to his face, is a big deal. Keep your blazer on though Fergie.

“Fergie said I was a Manchester United player in the wrong shirt – I said he was an Arsenal manager in the wrong blazer.”

2. A Magnificent Keeper.

It’s always interesting to hear legends talking about other legends. It lets you know that such players were not just appreciated by the fans, but also by the great players around them at the time.

In this quote, Tony mentions the greatness of David Seaman as a Goalkeeper, and how it felt to play in front of him on weekly,monthly and eventually a yearly basis.

“He is a truly magnificent keeper. I am lucky to play in front of him every week. You look over your shoulder and feel safe” - (Tony Adams on David Seaman)

3. Play for the Name on the Front…

This one is an extremely famous quote, and rightly so. For me, it pretty much embodies everything Tony Adams stood for as an Arsenal player.

With over 500 senior appearances for Arsenal, scoring 32 goals from centre-back and winning trophies, it’s fair to say that Adams played for the name on the front. Consider yourself remembered, Tony.

“Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they’ll remember the name on the back.”

4. I Will Sign Every Arsenal Contract.

Although I strongly advise everybody reading this to always read what they’re signing, it’s nice to know that Tony Adams isn’t fussed about what Arsenal have lined up for him. Window Cleaner? Signed. Ball boy? Signed. Gunnersauras? Signed.

But in al seriousness, this quote is yet another example of Adams’ dedication to the club. It really is rare to find such love and devotion from a past legend for their former club, and this quote puts his love in perspective.

“I will sign every contract Arsenal put in front of me without reading it.”

5. I Love Arsenal.

Okay, we get it, Tony Adams loves Arsenal. But this next quote drives how just how much he does, and I think that’s important, considering he may return in one shape or form.

In this quote, Adams confesses his love for The Gunners, and then reveals that he’d be willing to play a part at the club, regardless of what it was. I was only joking about Gunnersauras Tony, but now that you mention it…

“I love Arsenal and I wish I could work for them. You know how you feel when one of your mates who writes a blog gets a post up on the dot com? Yeah, that’s me. I’m chuffed at anything the club invites me to do and really just want to be connected at some level, any level.”

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6. Best Intentions.

Some fans dislike Tony Adams in public. Sometimes he says silly things. However, this next quote is a great indicator that Tony can indeed pay a role.

His intentions for the club are pure, and he only wants the best for us. That in and of itself,should be enough. Perhaps a figurehead or ambassador type role could work.

“I would be perfect as a figurehead. Kind of like the statue outside the ground. I would open my arms and greet people, be personable, and always have the best intentions of the club at heart.”

7. Arsene Is The Best, But…

With all this love flowing for Arsenal, it’s important that Tony doesn’t get blinded by it, and this quote indicates that it doesn’t.

Although Tony respects Arsene, and still believes him to be the best, he also sees the flaws in his game-plan, bemoaning the sale of great players. A fair shout, and one we can all agree on.

“I don’t think any other coach can do any better than Arsene. But it always comes down to players. You can’t win things if you keep selling your best players.”

8. A Winning Mentality.

You don’t get to become one of Arsenal’s greatest players of all time by being a loser. Tony Adams was always a winner on the Football pitch, and this next quote probably has something to do with it.

“Those that say it is the taking part and not the winning that is important are, for me, wrong. It is the other way round.”

9. Rocastle: Genuine, Lovely, Missed.

As previously mentioned, hearing quotes from Arsenal legends regarding other legends is brilliant. Here, Tony talks about the late Rocky Rocastle, and doesn’t mention his Footballing ability either. Together with Ian Wright’s quote on Rocky, we can gather what a great man he was.

“David [Rocastle] was a true friend, a lovely guy and he is sorely missed. I knew him for years and he never changed one bit he was one of the genuine men in football and in life.”

10. Getting The Teas In.

It would break my heart to see Tony Adams reduced to making a Tea for players like Park Chu Young, but the image is also quite a funny one when you think about it.

This quote once again demonstrates Tony’s undying love for the club. He calls it “his club” and points out that he’s ready to take on any opportunity, should it arise. All rounded off with a dig a the Tea ladies.

“…But it’s my football club, Arsenal Football Club, and when I get an opportunity and if I’m needed and if I’m ready then I’d love to be of service. When I’m needed, when I’m wanted. I’ll make the tea there!”

Bonus Quote

This bonus quote finally reveals what Tony Adams really meant when he spoke about making the Teas or being connected to the club in any way - as if we hadn’t already guessed.

Tony is desperate to get his hands on the Manager’s job, and with love like his, it’s easy to see why. The question is, does he have the ability?

“One hundred per cent I’d like to be Arsenal manager”

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So there you have it. Ten of the very best Tony Adams quotes, all of which shed a little more light on the legend, and most of which link somehow to his pure love for Arsenal Football Club.

After reading the above quotes, it’s difficult not to love Tony Adams back a little more. Sometimes an outspoken word here or there amongst a poor start to his managerial career can obscure our vision of him, but the important thing is, he does love Arsenal, and he has the Club’s best interests at heart.

For me, that’s enough to merit some kind of role at the club. A coaching role, if you ask me.

What’s your favourite Tony Adams quote? Share it with us in the comments section below.

Images: Ronnie MacDonald