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7 Legendary Arsenal Interviews You Need to See

Guest Post: The following article is a guest post written by Adem Mustafa.

As fans, we often spend so much time watching players and managers in their working environment, that we forget that they too, are human.

“Interviews are a great way to get to know Football players in a bit more depth…”

Interviews are a great way to get to know Football players in a bit more depth. And no, that doesn’t include post-match sweaty question time.

Whether they are talking about interesting experiences that they have had both on and off the field, their favourite moments, their biggest regrets or what their views are on the way football has progressed since their time, it’s nice to find out things about them than you can’t learn by watching them chase a ball for 90 minutes.

So with that said, here are seven of the most legendary Arsenal interviews of all time.

Thierry Henry

Here we see the BBC interview Arsenal’s all-time top goal scorer Thierry Henry, who speaks about his days at Arsenal and what some of his best moments were. This interview was recorded in 2008 and it’s very interesting to watch now, especially when you hear what Henry has to say about possibly returning to Arsenal one day in the future.

Dennis Bergkamp

In this very rare interview we see Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp talk to Geoff Shreeves about his new autobiography ‘Stillness And Speed’. The Dutch Master speaks about the early days of his career, his time at Arsenal and what his views are on the future of the Arsenal squad.

Lee Dixon

This interview shows ex-Arsenal right back and ITV Pundit Lee Dixon answers some questions from Arseblog. The former full back speaks about the modern game and how different it is compared to when he played, his favourite moments on the pitch and much more.

Ray Parlour

If you’ve ever wanted to have a guided tour of the area surrounding Arsenal by Ray Parlour then this is the video for you. The Romford Pele shows us where Highbury used to be, the iconic Arsenal tube station and what things are like inside The Emirates, and along the way gives us a few stories of what he used to get up to during his playing days.

Ian Wright

This very in-depth and emotional interview with Ian Wright takes us on a journey through his life. From his childhood all the way up until the end of his career, set aside 30 minutes and really get to find out all there is to know about the man who holds the record as the second highest goal scorer in Arsenal’s history.

Arsene Wenger (Part 1 and Part 2)

Last but not least we have the man(ager), the myth, the little bit professor: Arsene Wenger. In this 2 part interview we see Wenger talk about the club, his opinions on the beautiful game and all things related to it.

These two epic videos made it into our 10 Arsene Wenger Interviews You’ve Never See Before list too, so you might want to check the rest of those out for good measure.

So there you have it, seven of the most legendary Arsenal interviews of all time, each one of them giving us an insight into the people who gave so much for the team and what they are like when the whistle blows and the day comes to an end.

What is your favourite Arsenal interview? Let us know in the comments section below

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