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Throughout his seven year stay at Arsenal Football Club, Ian Wright appeared 288 times, scoring 185 goals in the process. Only Thierry Henry trumps such a lofty record.[quote_right]“Some people have even questioned [Ian Wright's] love for The Gunners due to his outspoken nature…”[/quote_right]

Ian Wright had an unconventional start to his Footballing career, being plucked from Sunday League football at the age of 22 by Crystal Palace, only to sign for Arsenal six years later. Little did he know that he would go on to become an all out Arsenal legend.

Naturally, Wright’s unique entrance into Football - paired with his outstanding talent, has led to some interesting and eye-opening quotes. Nobody really knew much about Wright before Arsenal, and it seems that following his career, some people have even questioned his love for The Gunners due to his outspoken nature in front of the media. In light of this, we have compiled an all time top 10 list of Ian Wright quotes - to set the record straight.

[title]1. Not Holding My Breath[/title]

Ian Wright was never too afraid to speak his mind about controversial issues surrounding Arsenal, which has often worked against him in the eyes of most Arsenal fans. His love for the club has often been called into question over such media interviews. However, I for one, cannot see anything incorrect in the follow quote. Somebody had to say it - and it was Ian Wright.

[blockquote]“Kroenke seems more interested in having a business, which makes a lot of money. That’s why I don’t think he will sell his shares to anyone. He must explain why he is not prepared to go the extra mile for these excellent players. I am not holding my breath, though.”[/blockquote]

[title]2. It Was All I Lived For[/title]

In a revealing interview,  Ian Wright made it clear that his childhood was a difficult one for various reasons. Family troubles, poor school performances and growing up in a rough part of London meant that his only outlet was his love for playing Football and watching Match of The Day. Something many of us can relate to.

[blockquote]“I remember being younger, playing Football, watching Match Of The Day…It was all I lived for. It was just Pure Football from a young age.”[/blockquote]

[title]3. But It Just Wouldn’t Happen…[/title]

Ian Wright’s love for  the beautiful game was serious. He was determined to become a professional Footballer, and spent ten long years working hard for the elusive contract he wished for so much. The clubs listed in the quote below will all be kicking themselves, except Crystal Palace of course.

[blockquote]“I went to trials and wrote letters to all the London Football clubs. I got answers from Leyton Orient, Charlton, Millwall and Crystal Palace. This was between the ages of 9 and 19. But It just wouldn’t happen.”[/blockquote]

[title]4. I Was Ready To Work Hard.[/title]

Hard work was always part of Ian Wright’s nature. Before becoming a professional Footballer at the age of 22, he was already working at a steady job, earning regular money. And the below quote indicates that he would have simply continued, had he not made it as a Footballer.

[blockquote]“I wasn’t somebody who - had I not become a Footballer, I would have been in Jail. No. I was ready to work hard, and do whatever it took [to earn a living].”[/blockquote]

[title]5. He’s Not Good Enough To Play For Arsenal.[/title]

Despite being a hugely promising player for Crystal Palace, the media and Arsenal faithful were not impressed with the club’s latest purchase at the time. Apparently, nobody felt the pressure quite like Ian Wright…

[blockquote]“When I signed for Arsenal, the fans and media were like, “What are they buying him for?” I Remember watching TV the night I signed, and they were all saying, “He’s not good enough to play for Arsenal.” And I remember just sitting there - literally Shitting myself.”[/blockquote]

[title]6. A Certain Class.[/title]

Ian Wright is often criticized for his media outbursts against the modern workings of Arsenal Football Club. After earning himself a bit of a post-career reputation amongst Arsenal fans, it is nice to see some positivity in regards to The Gunners.

[blockquote]“Arsenal have got a certain class and dignity.”[/blockquote]

[title]7. Rocky Rocastle[/title]

The below quote is touching on a number of levels. Ian Wright visited the late David “Rocky” Rocastle the night he signed for Arsenal, where they discussed the club for hours on end. Wright even mentions Rocastle’s love for the Club.

[blockquote]“The day I signed for Arsenal, that night I went to [David Rocastle's] house, and we both stayed up until 4am - talking about Arsenal, the club he loved. He loved that Football Club so much.”[/blockquote]

[title]8. I Just Want To Be Remembered…[/title]

Whatever some may think of Ian Wright - you cannot question his sincerity. Everything he says, whether right or wrong, comes from the heart. That in itself is an admirable trait. In turn he asks us to remember him as he truly was.

[blockquote]“I just want to be remembered for being a hardworking, honest professional who done the best he could with the opportunity he got.”[/blockquote]

[title]9. If That Does Happen - Then What?[/title]

Yet again, Ian Wright deals a heavy blow to Arsenal in the media spotlight. But the case remains, as it always does, that he is simply saying what most Arsenal fans are thinking. The following quote is hard to read for most fans of The Gunners - but only because it contains a very real, honest assessment of Arsenal’s current state.

[blockquote]“I have been saying for years about the deficiencies in respect of replenishing the squad and getting Arsenal back to not just qualifying for the Champions League but getting past the quarter-final stages and really having a good go at it. If we are not careful we are going to end up going for fourth every season. And if that does not happen - then what?”[/blockquote]

[title]10. The Greatest.[/title]

Ian Wright was always a great finisher, and thus his final quote should be the only thing that really matters to Arsenal fans - his undying love for the club. The following quote is yet again, nothing but the truth, but we must all remember that Ian Wright helped make it so.

[blockquote]“Arsenal is the Greatest. It’s just the greatest Football Club in the world.”[/blockquote]

So there you have it. Ten of the very best Ian Wright quotes, all of which encompass his passion for Football and his deep love for Arsenal. Hard work and honesty are the traits that make Ian Wright so loved by his fans. Yet,  at the very same time, it is precisely his honesty in the public eye that tarnishes his name in the minds of others.

Today, Ian Wright is still Arsenal’s second highest goal scorer behind Thierry Henry. He spent a great deal of his life striving for Arsenal Football Club, and anybody questioning his motives when discussing his media quotes, should re-examine their position. For me, the honesty and sincerity in the quotes above only exemplify Ian Wright’s love for Arsenal.

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