Top 5 Funny Arsenal Memes of the Month (December 2013)

As we enter 2014, I thought I’d start something a little different. This post is the first of a monthly series, rounding up five of the most hilarious (and most recent) Arsenal Memes.

What is a Meme, you ask? Wikipedia says:

[blockquote]“An Internet meme ( pronounced “meem”) is an idea, style or action which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet, as with imitating the concept. Some notable examples include posting a photo of people in public places lying down planking and uploading a short video of people dancing to the Harlem Shake.”[/blockquote]

The most common type of Internet Meme is image based, and if you’re anywhere near Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site, you will have certainly come across an Arsenal Meme or two in your online travels.

So, lets dive in to all the funniest Arsenal Memes from December 2013.

1. Don’t Touch Him

Jose Mourinho got a little too touchy-feely with Sagna for Arsene Wenger’s liking. We all know what you’re like with our full-backs Jose. Hands off.

Source: @Samuelj29060

2. Bench Legend

Bendtner didn’t need to score that goal against Cardiff - he was already a legend without ever having to get up off the bench. Deal with it.

Source: @MezzaaGooner

3. Per’s Mid-Match Shower

Per’s hair wasn’t feeling silky smooth enough against Cardiff, so he had no choice but to whip out the Head & Shoulders for a quick scrub down.

Source: Barclays Premier League Banter Page

4. Theo Sherwood?

No caption here, but it doesn’t need one. Walcott’s now infamous “Two-Nil” gesture to the animatistic Spurs fans went viral. Even Tim Sherwood didn’t know whether to laugh or cry - after all, he is a Gooner…

Source: @UJuice

5. Hold Me

Things got a little emotional when Bendtner broke the deadlock against Cardiff. He needed to ensure that his inner-beast wasn’t about to run riot. Thankfully, Sagna was on hand to avert any danger.

Source: Barclays Premier League Banter Page

Over to You

So, after returning to score an important goal against Cardiff, is it any wonder that Nicklas Bendtner dominated December’s Arsenal Meme scene? There were a host of great Bendtner captions flying around th web, and I for one would love to see more!

Make sure you send me your Arsenal Memes via Twitter (@TheClockEnd_com) or email to have your chance of making it into the January 2014 Meme roundup.


    Don’t need to play to be a legend. Fucking. Hilarious.