Review: Campo Retro’s Arsenal Empire Jerseys

Last week - thanks to the generosity of the Campo Retro team - I managed to get my hands on two of Campo Retro’s Arsenal Empire Jerseys. And they’re pretty damn good.

I was sent the Red & White Arsenal Empire Jersey as well as the Grey & White Arsenal Empire NTC Jersey. The purpose was to test out the two most popular Arsenal products they have on offer.

A Word on Campo Retro

Based in Stockport, UK, Campo Retro specialises in classic Football wear. They stock unique and original retro apparel inspired by unforgettable moments and influenced by Football’s immortals - two things Arsenal Football Club has no shortage of.

Here’s what Campo Retro have to say about their merchandise:

“Every shirt has been designed and manufactured using only the finest techniques and materials to create something that you will treasure just as much as the memory of your favourite teams winning goal in that all important match.”

Arsenal Empire Jersey’s

Now that you have a taste for what Campo Retro are all about as a company, let’s now take a closer look at their products.

As previously mentioned, the Campo Retro team sent me two versions of the Arsenal Empire Jersey - although the Red & White shirt caught my eye first, for obvious reasons.

The Arsenal Empire Jersey, as worn by Frank Mclintock himself.

It was Frank Mclintock - along with the rest of Arsenal’s 1970 Fairs Cup Winning side - that donned the very same shirt. They wore it proudly, and I must say, I felt like a real retro Gunner when I pulled it on. I felt like I was wearing Arsenal history.

History aside though, both Jerseys made for pleasant wearing.

The material was soft, breathable, and hugged my body in a way which was comfortable. The material wasn’t rigid either. It was easy to roll up the sleeves, although keeping the sleeves long was just as cozy.

The Jerseys ooze a very rare kind of classic class.

When wearing the Jerseys, the question in my mind was, “Can I wear this when I play 5-a-side Football? Or when I meet friends for a game down at the park?”

The answer is a resounding yes.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Jerseys would do a great job of keeping me warm on a brisk night under the floodlights. They would also bode well for a day down the local park. Plus, the Jerseys just ooze a very rare kind of classic class.

So, I’ll definitely be keeping my Jerseys for those rainy 5-a-side nights - not to mention for general wear down at the Emirates on a Saturday afternoon.

Below is a gallery showcasing the Jerseys. Take a good look, then head over to Campo Retro for even more retro Arsenal gear.

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