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6 Reasons Why Arsene Wenger Has Even More Transfer Tricks Up His Sleeve

Just a few hours before the 2013 Summer Window closed, Arsene Wenger pulled a gigantic rabbit out of his hat, which saved his poor showing throughout the window. He signed Mesut Özil.

“I now believe that Arsene has even more transfer tricks up his sleeve…”

It was a surprise for everybody within the club, and everybody outside the club, as Mesut Özil is a player who is from amongst the elite Footballers of the world.

For most people, such players were not looking to join Arsenal, due to trophy droughts, questionable form, and so on.

Yet, Mesut Özil claimed that Arsene Wenger was vital in his decision to join The Gunners. Without doubt, Arsene pulled off a coup for the Club, and although I was just as surprised as the next fan, I now believe that Arsene has even more transfer tricks up his sleeve, and here’s why.

1. The Capture of Mesut Özil

I’m not talking about Arsene Wenger merely showing ambition with the signing of Mesut Özil. Instead, I’m talking about the very fact that Özil actually decided to come.

Let’s face it, over the last few years, Arsenal have declined in status. Ten years ago, we were the best Footballing side in the world, having gone unbeaten throughout an entire Premier League season. Since then, our standing in world Football - although still highly respectable, has steadily wavered.

Mesut Özil on the other hand, is one of the best players on Earth. And that’s no exaggeration. He was playing at Real Madrid, earning plenty of money, alongside players of similar status to himself. If he were to ever leave, he could have had his pick of the very top clubs in Europe and beyond. A range of top Clubs could have all offered more money, and a better recent record of success.

Yet, after a discussion with Arsene Wenger himself, Özil chose Arsenal. My suspicion is that, in order to convince such a high-quality player to sign, Wenger must have divulged some pretty impressive plans. Not just theoretical plans either, but plans of sheer action.

2. Money Still in the Bank

Arsenal were strongly rumoured to have at least £70M in the bank ready for the Summer Transfer Window. Little more than £45M of that was spent on Ozil and Viviano, which leaves a fair amount still sitting in the bank today.

However, it gets better. The Sun recently reported that, along with a new contract (a topic which I will touch upon at the end of this post), Wenger will also receive a handy £40M budget for the January transfer window.

If you ask me, Arsenal are one striker away from becoming serious title contenders. If we can hold out until January by getting the first half of the season right, we might just be able to spring a surprise. If not, we can certainly begin building a very solid foundation for the following campaign.

3. The Proven Intent

Another reason to expect Arsene to pull a few more transfer tricks, is the mere fact that he is no longer relying on rumours and interview rhetorics to get him off the hook. Instead, he actually went and did what many of us used to scoff at - he brought in a top, top quality player.

As we all know, a large sum of money has been spent on a world-class midfielder already, and serious links to players like Higauin, Suarez, Ba and others were all confirmed by all the major news outlets. That means that Wenger knows where our current issue lies, and is genuinely trying to fix it. For me, that’s nothing short of astounding.

His transfer intentions are further proven by the fact that, after Mourinho blocked the Demba Ba move, The Metro and others reported that Arsene made late moves for Rooney, Benteke and Pastore. Now that’s something I find both interesting, and quite exciting.

4. Deadwood (Almost) Shifted

Arsene’s first task during the 2013 Summer Transfer window, was to shift the ridiculous amounts of deadwood sitting within the Arsenal ranks. In fairness, it must be said that he did a pretty good job of it, despite my initial low expectations.

Players like; Squillaci, Arshavin, Chamakh, Santos, Gervinho, Denilson and more have all been sold, with some other going out on loan in order to free up squad space.

Make no mistake, that shifting these players wouldn’t have been an easy task, and so it stands as yet another reason to start taking Wenger more seriously when to comes to transfers. Not only has he been looking for high-quality players, but he has also taken the necessary steps to accommodate them. It’s just a crying shame that he couldn’t boot Bendtner out in time too.

5. Puma’s Pennies

Earlier this year, news broke that Arsenal had entered into a new 5-year kit contract with Puma, worth an astonishing £30M per year - which makes it the most valuable kit deal in English Football. Not too shabby.

Our Puma deal is worth £150M in total over just 5 years, which gives Arsenal some extra financial stability over a relatively long-term basis, opening the door to larger transfer moves both next season, and the for a few seasons thereafter.

The deal begins at the end of the current 2013/14 campaign, and so the rewards won’t be reaped until then. However, the fact tha such a healthy sum of money will be entering the club, is yet another indication that Arsene is about to delve into the transfer market in ways which we haven’t been accustomed to for years.

6. The Feel Good Factor

One thing all Arsenal fans can vouch for at the moment, is the feel good factor currently surging throughout the Club and its fan base.

Thanks to a combination of the five points I’ve made above, Arsenal are looking in pretty good shape compared to last season. Not only have they managed to attract a truly world-class player, but they have also prepared to do the same again, in ways which clearly define a clear intent to seriously improve.

Good players have entered the club, poor players have left, money is circulating, further buying intentions are clear and - for once, we haven’t lost any key members of the first team. If that doesn’t make you feel good about Arsenal right now, I’m not sure what will.

Hopes, Contracts & Yet More Waiting

The six points listed above have really got me thinking. After years of waiting, Arsene might just be doing what is truly needed, and the board may actually stick to their word regarding more funding.

“Enjoying the displays of Mesut Özil in the meantime should make the wait more bearable…”

However, as it stands, the transfer window is closed. Özil, Flamini, Viviano and Sanogo is what we have, on top of a half-decent side coming off the back of last season. As I discussed, Arsene really does seem to have plans for January and beyond - but for now, it’s yet more waiting before we can see those plans in action.

Although, enjoying the displays of Mesut Özil in the meantime should make the wait more bearable.

Additionally, just two weeks ago, I asked the big question regarding Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal Football Club. I also mentioned earlier in this post that the board are possibly on the brink offering the Frenchman a new, improved contract.

This contract issue itself deserves some attention, and so my subscribers will shortly receive my views on the matter via my Email Newsletter - which can be subscribed to immediately below this post.

What do you think of Arsene Wengers planned transfer tricks? Hit the comments and let me know.

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