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Has Arsene Wenger Signed His Last Arsenal Contract?

For me, Arsene Wenger has two weeks to save Arsenal’s season. Despite being  just one game in, the loss at home against Aston Villa only confirmed that which we all knew. Arsenal are well and truly unprepared.

“Not only were The Gunners unprepared in terms of numbers, but they were unprepared mentally…”

Not only were The Gunners unprepared in terms of numbers, but they were unprepared mentally.

The players looked unmotivated in the first half, and resigned to defeat in the second. Arsenal fans across the world watched in shock as Lukas Podolski filled in a left back, as Aaron Ramsey held down the fort in the heart of the defence. The entire setup was a shambles.

However, It’s important to point out that the fingers pointing towards Arsene Wenger have been present far longer than Arsenal’s botched season opener. The blame has been on him since before the beginning of the 2013 Summer transfer window, and beyond.

The man in question has just one more year left on his contract, and two more weeks to salvage some positivity from the current Transfer Window. Time, is not on Arsene Wenger’s side.

A Long Time Coming

Nobody needs to be reminded of the greatness of Arsene Wenger. Along with Herbert Chapman, you could argue that he is the greatest Arsenal manager to have ever lived.

However, as much as it pains me to say it, the last few years have seen his brilliant legacy turn stale.

Arsenal’s move to the Emirates in 2006 certainly played a part in the recent Silverware drought, but after almost eight years without success, along with the highest ticket prices in Europe, the excuses are looking as flimsy as Arsenal current first team squad. The revenue promised by the move to the Emirates Stadium has arrived, yet has not been spent. Not a penny.

“Names such as Stefan Jovetic, Gonzalo Higauin and Luis Gustavo came and went, leaving Arsenal fans high and dry…”

After another season of playing with fire until the very last game of the season, barely scraping Champions League Football, Ivan Gazidis announced that, this time, Arsenal were prepared to spend big, and spend early.

Like fools, we waited.

The 2013 Summer Transfer Window opened, and the weeks rolled by. Arsene did well to remove the huge piles of dead wood within the Arsenal ranks, but failed to secure any replacements, despite his bulging “War Chest”. Names such as Stefan Jovetic, Gonzalo Higauin and Luis Gustavo came and went, leaving Arsenal fans high and dry.

Before long, the 2013/14 campaign began with a shuddering defeat at home to Aston Villa. The sorry performance was a direct result of a problem which had been brewing for days, weeks, months and even years.

Save Our Souls

When things were looking grim last season, I wrote a rather frank article on Arsenal’s potential plans for Europa League Football. For a number of weeks, Arsenal seemed destined to lose out on the Champions League, until the very last day of course.

Once the season ended, I personally gave a sigh of relief, simply for the fact that the points I raised in the Europa League article were no longer relevant. Arsenal had made it, and were also lining up big signings to get back on track to Silverware.

“At this moment in time, the angry presence of Arsenal fans within Social Media is shaking the club by its very seams…”

Yet, today, with just under two weeks to go before the Transfer Window slams shut, Arsenal Football Club sit diminished by fringe player sales and first team injuries, whilst Spurs, their biggest rivals from last season, and throughout history, have strengthened.

On September 2nd 2013, Arsene Wenger’s fate will be revealed. Between now and then, he needs to act in a manner which doesn’t just save Arsenal’s season, but also saves his very own neck.

Although many will claim Wenger’s job is safe no matter what the situation, I would beg to differ. At this moment in time, the angry presence of Arsenal fans within Social Media is shaking the club by its very seams. Furious public rants, protests and plans for change have swept through the Arsenal Blogosphere, Stadium and Global fan base. I’ve never seen such widespread dissent amongst the fans.

Arsene Wenger has indeed made his bed, and if he hasn’t fixed the serious flaws within the Arsenal squad by September 2nd, there is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of Arsenal fans across the World will be eager to tuck him in.

What do you think of Arsene Wenger’s situation at Arsenal? Join the discussion below.

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  • Dharma Steve

    Wenger has been bringing Arsenal down with him. It seems to me there is something in him suggesting…”If I go down I will bring Arsenal with me”. You really could not make it up. A manager who allegedly loves Arsenal bringing us down to the thinnest squad ever. 17 leave….1 comes in, and a freebie he is too. Not normal. He’s leaving the club in an impossible position. Maybe he has a mental health issue. He needs to leave now before more damage is done. That’s purely my take on what is happening.

    • TheClockEnd

      He has definitely done wrong by leaving signings so late. He may well have given himself an impossible job. However, I dont ascribe to the whole “He’s lost the plot” narrative. It’s silly.

      He’s in a whole lot of bother, and it’s all his fault. But he isn’t mentally unhealthy, and I know for a fact that he does love the club.

      • Dharma Steve

        The mental health problem I think he has, is borne out by his actions. I am not suggesting he is psychotic. It seems to me he has ‘obsessive compulsive disorder’ over money. That’s my belief. He CANNOT spend the money. He has an internalised challenge. That by it’s nature stronger than any love for the club. He actually does not have the freedom to buy and make the team what it should be….he is suffering inside. I have compassion for the man, but the millions of fans must come first and we should let him go.

    • viera

      Anyone who thinks that AFC are gonna compete with chelsea or MCFC are deluded . The cost of the team in blue , including the bench at last nights game at the etihad or whatever its called now was £353 million, factor in the people who were not even in the squad and/or who have left for peanuts (adythewhore for one) and you are talking over £550 million To expect a non sugar daddy club to buy and compete against that kind of irresponsibility is ludicrous . We are the best of the rest and have been for the last 7/8 years due to our manager and him alone so just be careful what you wish for. The negativity surrounding the club at the moment is media driven and supported by the “plastics” i saw a comment the other day that sums the current mood up perfectly , a so called fan wanted wenger gone because “in all the time i have supported Arsenal i have not seen them win a trophy yet” my suggestion to him is piss off to birmingham or wigan or portsmouth because they HAVE won a trophy………..Wenger will sort it , probably top four again , maybe a minor cup but EPL title or CL win , forget it until the financial doping is/if? sorted , until then , stop the negativity, support your team and live with it

      • TheClockEnd

        Define negativity though. If Arsenal were to become relegation battlers in 5 years time, would I be negative for asking for change?

        For 8 years, Wenger has failed to strengthen properly. Up until this year, he had the excuse of stadium payments. This year, he holds no such excuse.

      • Dharma Steve

        Monsieur Viera

        You say. “The negativity surrounding the club at the moment is media driven and supported by the “plastics”".

        Wow. All the supporters, other players, ex-players etc etc are wrong then. You have your head in the sand. We have barely got a squad. Empirically that creates major problems…are you aware of that. Wake up and smell the coffee. You are living in your ‘head’, the world is happening around you and Arsenal are in trouble. If they buy 3-5 players and a goalkeeper we may do a lot better. Without activity we will definitely not be “the best of the rest”, as you call us. Wakey, Wakey.

  • Mad_Man_Moon

    Nonsense. If he goes, so be it, but it will be a sad sight to see.

    Arsene is still considered to be one of the top 3 or top 5 managers in the world, and that was a recent survey that the managers around the world voted in. Just don’t ask me to cite that!

    Suffice to say, I think that that comments by Lady Bracewell Smith may shine more light than any shortsightedness of the fans on the situation. It could be that Kroenke’s control is suffocating the desire to just throw the money around.

    Oh, and before we all forget; Arsenal has *always* been a superbly well run business. We’ve also gone a lot longer without a league title (17y 70s-80s) and one FA Cup/Community Shield in the middle of that.

    • TheClockEnd

      True. Our history is full of gaps without trophies. However, the main grievance amongst the fans, is the unkept promises.

      When we moved to the Emirates, the story was that we’d struggle for a few years, before we eventually end up better off financially, at which time we can buy big players. Ivan Gazidis told us that this year was finally that time. Yet here we are.

      No doubt AW is a great manager, as I mentioned in the post. However, we can’t let his past success cover up his current failures, especially huge failures like these.

    • Skibadee

      I agree. Wenger recently also said he had been fighting to pay the palyers high wages (a fight against the board) - you can imagine this relates to players like Nasri, Ashley Cole, Vieira (when he flirted with Madrid), etc. He said you can’t convince people you’re a big club if you sell Cesc and Nasir in one summer. Sounds like he wanted to keep them, give them a pay rise, etc, but board wanted the money in. He also said he’s not the only one respondible for transfers. There’s other influences. You have to feel sorry for Arsene.

      Lady Bracewell Smiths comments recently also shed light on what may be happening at board room level. Kronke is happy to sit back and not give a shit about football, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

      All I can say is if/when Arsene decides to bring out his book, all will be revealed, hopefully. We’ll then understand that Arsene was fighting a losing battle against those who run the club. We musn’t forget that he’s an employee of the club, is given a briefing of his obectives per year and is given a budget to play with for transfers and wages. It’s just plain stupid to think he wouldn’t use the money to improve the club. I still beleive we’ll get 3 players in by the end of next week.

      • TheClockEnd

        Well, Gazidis was the one who passed the buck to Wenger at the start of the window. He claimed we had lots of money to spend. It’s Wenger who hasn’t spent it yet.

        There’s still time, but IMO Wenger is mainly to blame. He has the resources, he just hasn’t used them.

      • Skibadee

        And you trust Gazidis? Would he really want to tell us the truth that it’s Stan holding us back? Imagine the revolt!
        Arsene’s in the public domain. He is able to deflect comments at will - and is one if the greatest spin doctors the game has ever seen. Arsene may be accepts that this is what he has to do - it’s part of his job role, to protect the board. - It’s a shame.
        I just don’t see why Arsene wouldn’t just go out and improve the team. He’s a winner. He wants to restore the club to the heights he set. You think with a year left on his contract he wants to go out on a whimper?

  • Richard Morgan

    Whilst a number of players have left they were deadwood wage drainers, yes it has left us short and Wenger has admitted that. Dharma you make it sound so simple we want Suarez or cabaye or joe blogs here is 20 million the players club rolls over with legs in the air says fuck me that’s a good deal of course you can have him. Then of course the players come singing and dancing to our club because they want to. No it’s not that simple and whilst we have better transfer funds are pockets are not deep and we still have to get value for money. Wengers fault lies in one area I feel and I feel that he has once again played Russian roulette waiting until we have got cl qualifiers out of the way before making buys trying to make us a more attractive proposition to players. Whilst it is disappointing not have won anything Wenger has over the past few years kept us competitive. Now you also have to look since we moved to the emirates Wenger has had to balance books and be careful with what he spends to expect him to change overnight is ridiculous. I think wingers future should be decided after January see where we sit in the table what players have come in and what competitions we are still fighting for. I don’t believe he should just be given a new contract but if we are still in with a chance of winning something and we have a few new faces I don’t see why he does get another contract. If we are out of most comps by this time then no it should be time for a change once the season is over.

    • TheClockEnd

      You may have a very good point with the CL Qualifiers. He may have been waiting until we at least win the first leg tomorrow night in Istanbul before he goes out and buys.

      However, Higauin, Suarez and Gustavo needed no such assurances. They were all willing to come knowing that the qualifiers needed to be played.

      I also don’t think much wil change between Sept 2nd & the end of the season. If Wenger messes up these 2 weeks, he’ll leave when his contract ends. He won’t be sacked in Jan, or any eariler.

    • Dharma Steve


      ‘How unlucky we are. All the other clubs got the players we wanted, but oh my Wenger is so unlucky. Every year we are so unlucky’
      Wake up mate Wenger is negligent. Most fans have seen the truth this year. Wenger is deluded. Still a few like you have a problem with empirical reality. The old adage goes ‘once is chance, twice is coincidence and three times is a pattern’. Wengers pattern is now clearly seen by most supporters.

  • David James

    Wenger reminds me of the poker player who has had great success at the “limits” table but is struggling with the no limits big time players. Who on earth tells everyone what you have to spend because (in poker) that becomes the first bid meaning you have no where to go in terms of tactics. I believe it is time for Wegner to sweep up the remaining chips of his reputation and give his chair up to a different player - who knows the rules better (Laudrup for example)

    • TheClockEnd

      Ha, Interesting comparison. I don’t really disagree with you, perhaps it’s time for Wenger to go. However, there ARE still 2 weeks to going which he CAN turn his poor Summer around.

      So I’m waiting to see how he does.

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