Top 10 Arsenal Memes of the Month (FA Cup Special Edition)

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This season has been full of surprises for us Gooners. Little bit surprises and big bit surprises.

After a long and painful journey we finally managed to get our hands on another trophy. It wasn’t an easy ride, but we can now sit back and enjoy the delights that will (hopefully) await us in the summer transfer market.

To celebrate our FA Cup victory and the subsequent end to our 9 year trophy drought, The Clock End have compiled a special top 10 list of the funniest Arsenal memes we have seen this month.

From an upset Mourinho to an overly-happy Jack Wilshere, it’s all there. Enjoy.

1. Cleaning Out My Cabinet

With all the injuries we’ve picked up this season we couldn’t afford to have additional health and safety issues when it came to cleaning out the dust and cobwebs from the trophy cabinet.

Source: @footymemes

2. Borrow The Bus

Buses aren’t meant to be parked, they’re meant to be driven around North London with the FA Cup on the top deck. But if for any reason our parade bus broke down I’m sure Jose would have been more than happy to give us a helping hand.

Source: @GeniusFootball
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3. No Tears. Only Trophies Now

Many of us seemed to have lost our faith in Wenger over the years. But after rustling our jimmies for so long he finally came through and delivered us to the promised land of silverware.

Source: @Angry_Arsene_

4. Gunnerzilla

The unsung hero of the Arsenal squad. The one who has carried us for so many years. Coming soon to a big screen near you.

Source: @AmyLolaDS

5. Aristötle

When it comes to deep and inspirational quotes many people look towards the likes of Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe, but why go to them when you’ve got Mesut Özil?

Source: @AleeArsenal
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6. Ja Gunners Ja!

You’ve read the quote with your very own eyes. Now hear the quote with your very own ears.

Source: AFC Academy

7. Specialist In FA Cups

Mind games will only take you so far in life, and Wenger has too much mental strengse to fall for that kind of nonsense.

Source: B Larsen
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8. What Do You Think Of Tottenham?

Jack Wilshere takes some time out from the celebrations to ask us Arsenal fans a very important question. I think he got the answer he was looking for to be honest.

Source: @vinxentli

9. Arsenal Till I Die

Per Mertesacker let’s us all know what his long term plans are with regards to his playing career. I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure this counts as a legally binding lifetime contract extension.

Source: @fkhanage

10. We’ve Got To Now

After winning the FA Cup and adding £100m to the transfer budget we’ve got to now go out and Wenger has got to now go out and start to now go out now and start now.

Source: @Andy
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