Sling Your Hook: 4 Arsenal Players We Won’t Miss

So, the summer transfer window is officialy open. Arsene Wenger has surprised us all with the early capture of both Lukas Podolski & Olivier Giroud before pre-season begins. A far cry from last year’s transfer deadline day fiasco. It all appears to be going swimmingly in terms of players coming in.

But what about players jumping ship? Walcott and Van Persie are playing hard to get at the moment, and I fear their contract negotiations may drag on throughout the pre-season campaign. Times like this are worrisome for Arsenal fans, but they’re also dead boring. So we may as well use this period to examine the players who we wouldn’t mind seeing the back of. Prepare to bask in their glory.

#1. Nicklas Bendtner

Although he still has a small fan base down at the Emirates, I think we can all agree that we would be better of cashing in on him whilst we can. After a poor season on load to Sunderland, I’m struggling to see where he will fit in to this new Arsenal side.

He did impress at Euro 2012, scoring twice and grabbing an assist in three games for Denmark, but I just can’t see him staying in the Premier League next season. Footballing ability aside, Nicklas is eccentric to say the least. He’s has a few brushes with the law over the years, as well as a £80,000 fine for flashing his ‘Paddy Power’ underpants. Classy.

As for his persistent arrogance, it literally speaks for itself.

Now, I wouldn’t mind if he could back up some of his claims, but he simply doesn’t. In fact, we’ve had to endure quite a few blunders and mishaps during his Arsenal career. Here is Big Nick blocking a Fabregas shot off the line against Liverpool.

#2. Sebastien Squillaci

Every so often, Arsene Wenger bags an absolute bargain of a centre back who eventually turn out to be up there with the best the world has to offer. Kolo Toure & Thomas Vermaelen both spring to mind. But when he gets it wrong, boy does he get it wrong.

When Sebastien Squallaci arrived, there was a promise of a strong, experienced French International centre back to fortify our fragile back line. What did we get? Sebastien Squallaci. Instead we got a nervous, faltering mess of a defender. His passes went awry regularly, and his headers were weaker than a Tottenham title challenge. Unfortunately, unlike Laurent Koscielny, Squallaci never really grew into his new club. as time passed we saw less and less of him, until finally he disappeared altogether. Even Abou Diaby didn’t know where he went.

Sometimes, transfers just dont work out. I think it would be unfair of Squallaci to deem him a bad player, as 21 International appearances for France isn;t exactly sub-standard stuff. But the Premier League is certainly not for him. The problem we now face is getting somebody else to pay his hefty wages.

Here’s good old Sebby attempting to decapitate Laurent Koscielny, resulting in a goal for Fulham:

#3. Lukasz Fabianski

Fabianski is by no means certain to leave this summer. How unfortunate. Over the years he has shown us glimmers of talent in a sea of errors and misjudgment. Despite being a fantastic shot stopper, Fabianksi never really showed the mental grit that is needed in Premier League goalkeepers. His confidence took a huge knock following the emergence of Woijeich Szczesny as Arsenal’s number 1, a man 5 years his junior.

Lukasz did enjoy short spells in goal for us, filling in for Manuel Almunia when needed. But we all knew he wasn’t;t good enough, and he proved to be the weakest link in the team whenever he started. If that wasn’t;t enough, Fabianksi has said that he wants to leave Arsenal this summer, following months of frustration. You can hardly blame him.

Here’s Fabianski dropping an absolute clanger against Porto:

#4. Marouane Chamakh

12 goals and 9 assists in a total of 63 appearances for Arsenal is hardly ground breaking stuff. But I’ll admit it, I put Chamakh on this list reluctantly. When he first joined us in 2010, he was immediately thrust into the first team due to our usual long list of injuries. He hit the ground running and did a fantastic job for us during the first half of the 2010/2011 campaign. However, once Van Persie & Bendtner returned from injury, Chamakh seemed to lose his confidence.

He dropped out of the first team and eventually became a player that drifted in and out of the squad, only to make the odd ineffective substitute appearance.

So why is he on this list reluctantly you ask? Well it’s simply because I feel Chamakh has it in him to do well for Arsenal. Somewhere along the line he lost is mojo, and it seems to be that if he could just start a run of games, his form would return. But of course, with Robin van Persie in the frame, along with the acquisitions of Podolski & Goroud, that’s hardly likely.

And so it’s surely the right time to say goodbye to our Moroccan mate. Here’s Chamakh missing a sitter against Blackpool:

Over To You

Who would you send packing, and who would you hold on to? Share your views by leaving a comment below, or head over to our Arsenal Forum.

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