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Why Arsenal Fans Should Keep The Faith

Guest Post: The following article is a guest post written by Footballtop.com.

In recent weeks, Arsenal news has nothing more than a bunch of cheap, rehashed transfer rumours, intermixed with new injury problems and disappointing results in the Premier League. The question has yet again been raised about Arsenal’s top four status.

Just as Mikel Arteta regained his fitness, Kieran Gibbs managed to lose his. Our defence was leaking goals, and it seemed that the transfer window was passing Arsene Wenger by. The signing of Nacho Monreal was pleasing, but perhaps not enough.

“To put it simply, Arsenal were - and still are, in a bit of a mess.”

Two consecutive losses to Chelsea and Manchester City that some time ago were deemed to be Arsenal’s main rivals, only added some oil to the fire of rage against the situation within the club’s system. Data leakage concerning in-house fines against the first team members also leaked into the newspapers. To put it simply, Arsenal were - and still are, in a bit of a mess.

Nevertheless the status quo is not as frustrating as it may seem at first sight. According to the Footballtop.com fans’ ratings of Arsenal takes the 13th place among all the clubs in Europe and the 4th place among the Premier League clubs. This shows the stability of the club concerning the number of followers and fidelity of those think of themselves as the Gunners.

At every match, especially in away fixtures, Arsenal fans are always there giving their utmost to support their team during the times of hardship. They will be there to sing Arsenal’s name and encourage the players to attack when all hope is lost, and no matter what the score is. The Capital One Cup 5-7 thriller match against Reading springs to mind. Arsenal are still capable of creating miracles.

All Doom & Gloom?

Why bother being hopeful, it’s all doom and gloom! Well, here are a few things that would keep a Gooner optimistic about the rest of the season:

First of all it’s still would be unfair to pull the plug on this Arsenal side. Arséne Wenger, though accused of having lost his ability of getting new prodigies, still has some tricks up his sleeve.

“The League is beyond us, but Arsenal are just 4 points behind Tottenham, which leaves hope for a successful finish of the season.”

Secondly, the pre-season signings of Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud have only just begun to unravel their full potential, which has been reflected in recent performances.

The third point is that the winter ‘signings’ add quite a lot of optimism. By the winter signings are meant the Theo Walcott’s contract extension and the return of the ever-injured Abou Diaby. Nacho Monreal was also a great acquisition.

Undoubtedly, Arsenal’s 18-points lag behind Manchester United leaves no food for thought. The League is beyond us, but Arsenal are just 4 points behind Tottenham, which leaves hope for a successful finish of the season.

The Gunners put 7 goals against Newcastle and Reading, 5 against Reading, West Ham and Tottenham most of which were scored in the second half which is a clear evidence of the fact that the attacking power of the Arsenal’s squad can be unstoppable at times, especially when the players feel fans’ surrounding them. So with that said, let’s keep the faith!

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