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5 Strikers That Could Help Arsenal Win the League

This is a Guest Post Written by: Mel

During the 2014 January Transfer Window, Arsenal have been on the hunt for a striker. It has been said to be Arsenal’s number one priority since the transfer market has opened. Wenger said if he would sign a striker for the team he would want someone “special”.

Well these are the five players I think if they made a move to Arsenal would guarantee us winning the league, most of these strikers have been linked and targeted by Arsenal and would be fantastic signings…

Diego Costa

You knew he would be on top of the list. Costa recently in this transfer window has been heavily linked to Arsenal and is being targeted by Chelsea and Dortmund as well.

The 25 year old Brazilian is going to cost 32 million with his release clause, we got Ozil for 42.5 million, so we all know Wenger will go out and buy a costly superstar player with tremendous talent. Costa has been in sensational form in 21 games, he scored 23 goals. After signing a new contract extension at Atletico Madrid and how significantly well his team is doing this move would be difficult, and some fans calling it unrealistic.

Alvaro Morata

This 21 year old is said to be the perfect replacement for Theo Walcott, a short term loan has heavily been in the talks and it would be a great idea considering the complications of January transfers.

Real Madrid has previously mentioned they have no intention for him to leave, however just recently Morata has been keen to grab some first team experience and we could certainly be able to give it to him. Morata has scored 2 goals in his 9 appearances this season with Real , however in his only 11 appearances with Spain’s U-21 he has scored 12 goals, showing exactly why he would be a great striker alternative for Arsenal.

Javier Hernandez

Hernandez has been a player I have been eyeing at joining Arsenal for a long time now. He is the one player at Manchester United who needs a transfer out immediately. His lack of playing time however, has given him a lack of form.

At 25 years old Hernandez is still a young and talented player that still has a lot to offer. Hernandez playing alongside Ozil, Ramsey, and Wilshere him great crosses, and would provide Giroud with healthy competition. This transfer may seem difficult as he is from one of our rival clubs, but for the right amount of cash I’m sure they would accep

Alexandre Pato

Pato was linked to Arsenal last summer; however we weren’t able to reach an agreement with his club Corinthians. The 24 year old previously played for A.C. Milan and now is in his home country Brazil.

He has scored 12 goals in 36 games, though Pato may be out of form now he is player I believe Wenger can shape back into form. He’s tall, fast and strong. Valued at about 12 million he may be another striker that Wenger should consider.

Sebastian Giovinco

The Juventus star striker has the strength and power to score several goals for Arsenal and has been considered a “genius”. Though he sounds like a fantastic player he has dealt with problems at his current club having fans booing him, pushing him to think he doesn’t belong at Juventus and by barely having any first team playing time.

It has been said the 26 year old has sparked some interest by Arsenal and Arsenal have been in contact with Juventus over the player.

Who do you think Arsenal should purchase in the January Tranfer Window to help them win the League?

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