Guess the famous player who has played for Liverpool or Manchester United

The derby match between Liverpool and Manchester United is quickly approaching us and the number of bets being made on the Betfair football betting market is slowly rising. It should be no surprise that this match is one of the most popular matches for betting this season as it is one of the first ‘high-profile’ derby matches.

The rivalry between the two cities is one that started at the start of the industrial revolution and this rivalry has carried over into the two football clubs. Both Liverpool and Manchester United are also two of the most successful clubs in English football which adds even more to the rivalry.

These two English powerhouses have also been home to some of football’s best teams since their inception. While United had the Busby Babes in the 50s, Liverpool enjoyed an impressive spell of dominance in the 60s and 70s. It’s just famous teams that both the North-West clubs are known for. Both Liverpool and Manchester United have been home to some very famous and world class players.

One notable example is when Liverpool brought through youngster and local-lad Steven Gerrard through their academy and went on to captain the club he supported and win numerous trophies and awards. United have also had similar success stories with their players such as the ‘Class of 92’.

Although these are the most notable examples, there has been plenty of players who have played for the clubs and gone on to be useful and, in some cases, world class players. If you have been paying attention to the clubs, you should be familiar with players and what clubs they played for. Test your knowledge in this quiz!


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