Safe Places To Visit In Europe

The Nice terror attacks have caused a re-evaluation of the terrorist risk levels. Terrorists are targeting traditionally safe destinations like France and the United Kingdom.

This has caused a shift in the countries that are generally regarded as being safe. Destinations such as Slovenia are now the safe places in Europe.

This is regardless of the fact that less than two decades ago they were the world’s more dangerous destinations. Other regions in Europe that have a low threat of terrorism include Iceland and Malta. Poland is also listed among the safer destinations.

These previously popular resorts that had been marginalised in previous years are now receiving larger inflows of holiday makers. The trend in tourist activity shows preference of these destinations. It is against the general tendency which is to choose the eastern Mediterranean. Fear of experiencing a terror attack while on holiday is the main driver of this trend.

Poland and Slovenia are both very culturally rich countries. There are also many historically significant sites that are worth visiting in both countries. The resorts are of world class quality. Service is great at these modern establishments. They are not war torn regions, they haven’t been for several years now. Every service you have come to expect from the best hoteliers is available.

You can even spend the day playing online casinos games on the super-fast Internet connection. That is instead of taking on the ski routes on the scenic mountains. Yes, there are those that prefer the adrenalin of online casino gaming instead of being outdoors.

It is a great time to explore the rest of Europe in times of these terror threats. Resorts in some of these not so popular countries are very reasonably priced making them great destinations for families and individuals.


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