75k-a-week Star Gives Personal Update On His Injury Progress

Former Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck has given update about the status of his injury.

Danny Welbeck has been out since last season due to a knee injury and has undergone surgery in September.

Welbeck is  not expected to be back until Christmas.

“It’s slow and steady but it’s coming along,” Welbeck said. “It’s difficult to see the lads when you’re still in the gym, doing double days, but once I get back out on the pitch and start running I will be much happier.

“It’s a difficult period for me but I’m looking forward to coming back strong.

“I want to get back out on the pitch, keep on improving, keep training and keep fit - that’s the main thing.

“I just want to get back to playing football.

“I’m trying to build to muscle and it’s hard, but it’s something that I’ve grasped with two hands and I’m really looking forward to my return.”

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