The real fun of football starts with Arsenal FC! Get details at just a click.

One of the best and premier football clubs of this globe, Arsenal football club is one of the premier club of London. Definitely considered to be one of the toppers in terms of their level of playing, they have won a record title of 12 FA cups. Thus, here we are talking of a club that boasts of top bets in this thrilling game.

One of the best games can be expected once they are on field, their games are best enjoyed at stadiums of Highbury and emirates stadium. They generally train at the Shenley training centre of Hertfordshire.

My friend that own top5onlinecasino website told me that their supporters generally refer to themselves as Gooners, from team’s nickname of Gunners. What is unique about them is their training area is located at a place that has a combination of both elite and working class. Clearly there is a variety in its support members.

Some interesting facts that will make special news for fans this year

Tottenham versus arsenal match is at the top:

  • Gunners were already defeated by Chelsea in previous premier league match. Quite contrarily, Tottenham has won their match.
  • This is though not a very important match in terms of competition, but for prestige it is important.
  • After successive defeats this is one chance for Arsenal to revert back and get victorious.

No outfield player on board:

  • Arsenal is the only European club to not include an outfield player in its games.
  • Chelsea’s Peter Cech has been of immense help as goalkeeper of this team. Hopes are riding pretty high on him. Though predictions cannot be made, but given its previous losses, this bet is one risky game.

A very important aspect this time happens to be, Arsenal’s recent victory against Stoke City. This has definitely brought a new lining in their not so presently glorious state.

Major expected transfers this season made by the club:

  • Though arsenal was in race for German star Julian Draxler, yet unfortunately he was signed on by Wolfsburg for this season.

Predicted game plan for winning against Tottenham:

  • Technically Flamini should start the game. His grit contrasted to Arteta will help team in initial hour to score maximum. From here a player of Arteta’s standard should take up.
  • Tottenham’s central midfield being inexperienced should be utilized to the fullest. With less experienced players as Alli and Dier partnering in midfield, scoring would be an easy feat for arsenal.
  • If not Flamini then its Chambers who would be the best choice for playing midfield given opposition team’s advances.

Transfers made this season:

The following players have been brought into arsenal team-

  • Jeff Adelaide has been brought in.
  • He was followed by Yassin Fortune.
  • Next we have Vlad Dragomir.
  • Jordi Tutu has also been included into team.
  • Donyell Malen is the final addition.

Some members have been transferred out:

  • Semi Ajayi.
  • Abou Diaby.
  • Ryo Miyaichi.
  • Jack Jebb.
  • Austin Lipman.
  • Josh Vickers.
  • George Dobson.
  • Jonatas Centeno.

So 2015-16 is to remain packed for this team. So keep your eyes open for more details!

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