Tottenham vs Arsenal: Three Things Arsenal Must Do To Beat Spurs

Arsenal face Tottenham in the third round of the League Cup, in a must win north London derby for the Gunners after losing a derby against Chelsea at the weekend.

We look at three things the Gunners must do to ensure they don’t get a second consecutive derby defeat and a third straight defeat in all competitions.

  1. Flamini should start

This might sound strange in light that the Frenchman hasn’t played a minute this season. The dread some Arsenal fans had since transfer deadline has just surfaced –that injury to Coquelin.

Wenger confirmed today that he would be out, after the knee he injured against Chelsea got swollen, now our options are Captain Arteta and Pensioner if we don’t call him Veteran, Flamini.

Naturally, Arteta will be the first to come to mind, but after his performance against Dinamo Zagreb, I think we will fancy a better chance with Flamini than the Spaniard because at least Flamini brings a grit Arteta doesn’t bring; and if he can survive the first 60 minutes without getting any one injured or sent off and we have managed to get a lead, Arteta can now come in to see the game off.

  1. Capitalize on the inexperience of Tottenham’s Central midfield

With Dembele and Mason being a doubt along with Nabil Bentaleb, its likely Dele Alli and Eric Dier will partner in midfield.

And such an inexperienced pair should be exploited very much by Arsenal’s attacking midfield trio; accepted that Dele Alli is on a good form, it still doesn’t change the fact that he is a 19-year-old playing his first few games in the Premier League.

Alongside another youngster in Eric Dier, who is still an England youth international, these two coming against Ozil, Sanchez and Chamberlain who are established internationals.

  1. Chambers should start in midfield if Flamini cannot

In as much as we have seen why Flamini should start, Wenger sees him in training every day, and knows just how he is now, if Wenger feels he is not good enough to start or he doesn’t offer better than Arteta, then we should see Chambers slotting in there.

With Mertesacker set to start after his layoff, Chambers who started out as a Central Midfielder in Southampton can do a makeup job for us in that position, afterall he is in the mould of Eric Dier who is likely to be playing the same role for Tottenham in that game.

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