Rangers & Refs: Arsenal 2 - 1 QPR & Officials – Report & Player Ratings

Final Score
Arsenal 2 - 1 QPR & Officials


Following a draw at Anfield, Arsenal needed all three points at home to an in-form QPR. It was the first of two games in two days — a challenging period for all clubs involved.

The Gunners started the game very much in control.

Alexis, Cazorla and Giroud were all intertwined, with Rosicky making positive runs with the ball. It was looking promising, especially when Alexis was fouled in the box, resulting in a penalty.

Unfortunately though, the Chilean’s penalty was weak, and Green was able to make the save.

The miss slowed the game down a little, but Alexis made up for his mistake on the thirty-seventh minute, heading in a well crafted cross from Kieran Gibbs

“Giroud lost his head, giving Onuoha a cheeky headbutt. The referee brandished a red, but ignored Ferdinand, who grabbed Giroud’s neck…”

The second half didn’t go to plan though.

After a fould outside the area, Giroud lost his head, and gave Onuoha a cheeky headbutt. The referee brandished a red card, but completely ignored Ferdinand, who grabbed Giroud’s neck right in front of the eyes of the blundering official.

Thankfully though, Alexis was able to set up Tomas Rosicky for his first goal of the season in the sixty-fifth minute. Alexis’s run was quality, and Rosicky finished it well just inside the box. A much-needed goal.

The referee’s antics weren’t over though.

“It turned out to be a very difficult evening, but in the end, both Rangers and the referee were defeated.”

After denying Arsenal another penalty after Mertesacker was clearly kicked, QPR went down the other end and penetrated the Arsenal box via Hoilett. Debuchy made an excellent tackle — once again in front of the eyes of the referee — only to be rewarded with a penalty given against him. It was shocking, to say the least.

Austin stepped up and smashed it past Szczesney, making the remaining few minutes tough ones.

Thankfully though, Arsenal held on to their slender lead. It turned out to be a very difficult evening, but in the end, both Rangers and the referee were defeated.


Arsenal Player Ratings

Szczesney: [7/10]

Had very little to do, but gathered some crosses well throughout the match.

Monreal: [7/10]

Played at centre back, and played well.

Mertesacker: [6.5/10] 

Found himself very high up the pitch at times, but he didn’t actually do much wrong. Should have won us a penalty in the second half, if the referee had been paying attention.

Debuchy: [7/10] 

Back at left back, Debuchy looked comfortable on the ball, and got forward plenty. He conceded a penalty, but only because of the incompetence of the referee. It was a fine tackle.

Gibbs: [7.5/10]

Defended well and got himself a very nice assist for Alexis.

Cazorla: [7.5/10] 

Another solid performance overall. Made a few dodgy passes, but kept things ticking over. Showed some very good technique as usual.

Flamini: [7/10] 

He actually did okay today. He had an easy ride, yes, but he dealt with whatever came at us.

Rosicky: [8/10] 

Not bad for his first start of the season. Tomas was very positive, made good runs and capped off his performance with a well taken goal. Great to have him back in the ranks.

Welbeck: [3/10] 

Do we have a return policy? Becoming a joke of a player week by week.

Sanchez: [8.5/10] - MOTM 

Try missing a penalty and then playing as well as this man did. His header was beautifully taken, and his run to make Rosicky’s goal was sublime. Worked harder than Welbeck could ever dream of.

Giroud: [5/10] 

Didn’t settle very quickly, but he looked like he would make somethin happen. Ruined it by losing his head and getting sent off. Banned for three games, deserves a sizable fine, too.



Chambers, Coquelin [N/A]

Rangers & Refs

QPR were defensively strong today, and it very nearly bit us in the arsenal.

The referee had one of the worst games I’ve ever seen a referee have. Offsides were miscalled, penalties were overlooked, and great tackles were punished. Arsenal were fortunate to escape with the three points — although they did deserve it.

Alexis was once again the spark. He worked so hard, and created so much. His trickery on the pitch is a truly stunning. Welbeck on the other hand, makes you want to pull your hair out. Pace is supposed to be an attribute of his, yet he so often looks like he’s moving through water. Sluggish, especially over short distances.

But hey, in the end, it was three points well-earned, I say.



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