Top 5 Arsenal Memes of the Month (April 2014 - St. Totteringham’s Day Edition)

Another year. Another St. Totteringham’s Day - and we’ve got some Arsenal Memes together to celebrate.

As The Gunners overcame Newcastle at home last week, Arsenal fans across the Emirates broke into song in celebration:

“Tottenham Hotspur, it’s happened again!”

This (now annual) event marks the point in the season when it is impossible for Tottenham to finish above Arsenal at the end of the league. 19 years have come and gone, with Tottenham finishing below us every single time.

Here at The Clock End, we have compiled a ‘St. Totteringham’s Day Special’ Top 5 Memes of the Month for April. Enjoy.

1. North London Is Always Red

We kick things off with a lovely commemorative image of this year’s event. The chicken/rooster/hen that we can see falling off of the ball is either a parody of Tottenham’s badge or a parody of their starting 11. Either one is okay.

Source: @Twafc71 & @SheWore

2. Warm wishes from Podolski

If jumping into the stands after we beat Tottenham wasn’t enough, Lukas Podolski wants to let us all know just how happy he is that he plays for the best team in North London. #Aha indeed Podolski, #Aha indeed.

Source: @Podolski10

3. Saint Laurent of Totteringham

Some have said that St. Totteringham is merely a fictitious name that parodies other names of ‘Saints’ who are the reasons behind national holidays. Others have said that he is Koscielny. You tell me.

Source: @Sakaria_Gooner

4. The Red Knight

When the Premier League is ashes… Then Tottenham have my permission to finish above us. But until that day we will enjoy our place above them.

Source: @GoonerFrog

5. Forever in Our Shadow

This final picture says it all. The history records will show just how well Arsenal have played over the decades, and they will also show how badly other teams have played. Still I’ve heard it’s quite cool in the shade so that’s something I suppose.

Source: @BeritaArsenal

Bonus Meme

As an added bonus for this month we’ve got one of our very own Vines.

If someone was to ask me to explain how our season has been, I would say to them “Don’t ask me mate, let Paul Merson answer this one”:

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