Top 5 Arsenal Transfer Targets for the January Transfer Window

The 2014 January transfer window is just around the corner, and after a very successful summer that involved the club record £42m transfer of Mesut Ozil and the re-signing of Mathieu Flamini, it is now perfectly reasonable to say that Arsenal can and will spend big again in this coming window, But where exactly do we need to spend?

The Arsenal back 4 and goalkeeper situation has unfortunately been one of harsh criticism over the last few years (and rightfully so). However it seems that now they’re really starting to hold their own under pressure and finally begin to look like a proper unit. Szczesney has improved his game and his attitude dramatically, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker and Gibbs have also been brilliant for us so far, Monreal and Jenkinson are there to provide back up support for our full backs and you would be hard done by to find a better third choice centre back than Thomas Vermaelen.

The only place left for Arsenal to really spend some money, is on improving their strike force…

The same story can be said for our midfield as well, with Ramsey in the form of his life, and fantastic performances from Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta, you wouldn’t need to spend too much time worrying about how well we can perform in the middle of the park. And when you remember that we still have Podolski, Walcott and The Ox waiting to return into that mix, you wouldn’t have to spend any time worrying at all.

The only place left for Arsenal to really spend some money, is on improving their strike force. Giroud can’t be expected to take all of the workload by himself, but when our back up strikers are Nicklas Bendtner and Yaya Sanogo we’re basically telling Giroud that he has to do everything on his own. So with that said, who should we go for in the transfer window to help boost our striking options?

5. Robert Lewandowski

I know what you’re thinking, and Lewandowski coming to Arsenal may seem like a farfetched and crazy dream, but if you had told me after our 3-1 defeat to Villa that Mesut Ozil would be wearing our number 11 shirt in a few weeks I would have called you a lunatic and attempted a citizen’s arrest on you.

It is no secret that Lewandowski is nearing the end of his contract with Dortmund, and a transfer to rivals Bayern Munich seemed to be a done deal until Lewandowski recently came out and reminded everyone that no official deal has been signed just yet.

Is he merely trying to get a better contract deal out of Bayern? Or is he hinting to Agent Szczesney that he wants to be carried away to the Emirates? I don’t want to comment on speculation.

4. Alexandre Pato

The 24 year old Brazilian was a wonderful force upfront during his days at Milan, however reports have suggested that he has been unsettled at Corinthians since joining them at the beginning of the year. With the fans not warming to him a potential move could be on the cards.

Having scored over 80 goals for club(s) and country in his playing time he has proven that he can find the back of the net when he gets the ball, and with a suggested £15m price tag it would be a shame to let a bargain such as this slip away.

3. Javier Hernandez

With Rooney and He Who Must Not Be Named in great form for Manchester United right now, players like Hernandez have been given no choice but to take a seat on the bench. If he does decide that he wants to move in the January transfer window there won’t be a shortage of clubs looking for his signature, and Arsenal should be one of them.

Chicarito would be a very different option upfront for Arsenal and would compliment the team quite well. Known for his famous last minute equalisers/winners for United he would fit right in at home at Arsenal as an impact substitute and with fast wingers like Walcott and The Ox feeding him crosses he would certainly get a few goals under his belt in no time.


2. Luis Suarez

Having unsuccessfully attempted to buy Suarez with a very generous, but also very risky offer of £40,000,001 in the summer, it is possible that Arsenal will go back for their man in the January window.

Suarez returned from his (most recent) ban and has got right back into the swing of things with 8 goals in 7 appearances. The Liverpool fans seem to have forgiven him for all of his outbursts and even seem to forget that he even said Liverpool should honour his verbal agreement with them and let him join Arsenal.

If Wenger does decide to go back for him again one thing is certain, and that is that there can be no more cheeky bids to try and activate release clauses that don’t actually exist. If Wenger and the board decide that they want to bid, and Liverpool put a £50m price tag on him, then that is how much it will cost.

However, Liverpool have been firm in their stance that they will not sell Suarez to a league rival, which means that it is very possible that Suarez will be used as a pawn in what could result in Arsenal buying the final name in this list.

1. Karim Benzema

The French international has been on Arsenal’s radar for some time, and with Liverpool adamant that they would rather sell Suarez to someone who isn’t a rival, there is every chance that Madrid will put in a bid for the Uruguayan instead, and that would put Benzema’s position at Madrid in jeopardy.

Madrid are known for spending ridiculous amounts of money on players and when that happens they end up selling their best stars to Arsenal for ridiculous prices so I’m hoping we can pick up another bargain from them in the coming transfer window.

Benzema has a solid record for scoring goals at Real Madrid, and when you look at the fact that he is well known to his national teammates who play for Arsenal like Giroud, Sagna and Koscielny, and that he would be reunited with his ex-Madrid assister and friend Ozil, it makes perfect sense for Benzema to get on a plane as soon as possible and join us all in North London.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the fresh reports from the Daily Mirror linking the Frenchman to Arsenal are alsoworth checking out.


[title]The Last Piece of the Puzzle[/title]

I’m sure most Gooners would be delighted to see any of the above mentioned names wearing an Arsenal shirt, and with big money already being spent and big money sitting in the bank there is no reason for us not to buy in January.

Also, once our situation upfront is secure, we will finally have the last piece of the puzzle, and the picture that all of these pieces make when you put them together will be one of a trophy winning side.

Which player would you like to see Arsenal buy in the coming transfer window and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Jan Solo


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