50 Arsenal Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow


The Arsenal Twittersphere is saturated with hoards of individual Gooners, Bloggers and Journalists, each with their own opinions. After supporting Arsenal, all Arsenal Twitter accounts have the same thing in common - they want you to follow them.

However, following everybody and anybody who boasts #Arsenal in their Twitter bio has its dangers. Not only will you be flooded with poorly written, badly thought-out Arsenal tweets during key events, but you’ll also be exposed to non-Arsenal tweets when the world of Football is asleep.

Nobody wants to read about the detailed personal lives of a stranger, simply because they follow Arsenal.

“Following everybody and anybody who boasts #Arsenal in their Twitter bio has its dangers…”

Sifting through the irrelevant Arsenal Twitter accounts can be tiresome task, so I have compiled a list of the top fifty Arsenal Tweeters. To save confusion, I have allowed the account holders to give a description of themselves via their own Twitter Bios alongside selected comments from me, where necessary.

The list is in no particular order.

The List: Top 50 Arsenal Twitter Accounts

1. Michael Gooner | @MickTheGooner Blogger

Arsenal 100% - There’s no high horse & I don’t expect you to agree with my opinions. Twitter’s fun & informative, nothing more.

2. Arsenalogy | @GoonerCore - Individual

All about Arsenal FC, for proper Gooners only & expecting for the club’s major changes!

3. Samuel | Samuelj29060 Blogger

Arsenal. Premier League. La Liga. Serie A. Bundesliga. Ligue 1. Champions League. Internationals.

4. Siân | SianyMacalarny - Blogger

Imagine a girl in an Arsenal shirt and high heels eating pies while walking into a door. Hello!

5. Groover | @GrooverBlog Blogger

Tweet about Arsenal, football and sport, in French or English. - A good source of Arsenal news & interviews originating from French media.

6. Lady Arse | @LadyArse - Blogger

All about Arsenal FC, for proper Gooners only & expecting for the club’s major changes!

7. Geoff Arsenal | @GeoffArsenal - Individual

Arsenal, wife & kids, dogs. In that order.

8. Oli Price-Bates | OliPriceBates - Blogger

Arsenal. Follow EPL & Bundesliga. Blogger, (Nocturnalist). 19. Idols Falcao, Wilshere & Gotze. Editor  of FreshFootball.

9. Arseblog | @Arseblog Blogger

Arsenal blogger, committed drinker. Will RT what I like, not what I’m asked.

10. Gunner Vision | @Gunner_Vision - Blogger

Dedicated Arsenal website run by dedicated Gooners. News, views and everything Arsenal.

11. Dave Seager | @GoonerDave66 Blogger

Forty something Gooner. Trying to stay positive. Have my own blog which try to write something new for at least once a week.

12. Le Grove | @LeGrove  Blogger

Blogging daily opinion pieces about Arsenal for 5 years | Season ticket holder & shareholder.

13. Arsene’s Eyes | @Arsenes_Eyes -  Blogger

Mainly Arsenal, all sport. I will try to make you laugh. I hope to occasionally succeed.

14. Orbinho | @Orbinho  Facts & Stats

Opta Content Director. Reclusive. Purveyor of Arsenal facts - some mine, some courtesy of the day job.

15. Leyla Hamed | @LeylaHamed -  Journalist

Journalism student. Writer for @laliga_news & @SWOLofficial. Columnist for @bernabeudigital. Benzefan. Real Madrid ST holder with a non-secret love for Arsenal. - Useful for Arsenal news originating from Spanish media.

16. GunnerBlog | @GunnerBlog -  Blogger

GunnerBlogger - Excellent analysis of events and matches, trusted news source.

17. Verminated | @Vermaelen05 - Individual

Everything Arsenal. Fan of @T_Vermaelen05, but not affiliated to him. Light-hearted.

18. The Funny Gooner | @FunnyGooner - Blogger

The funniest Gooner on Twitter and the best blogger on the Internet…. Modest too.

19. Mr. Arsenal | @OsmanZTheGooner - Blogger

Arsenal & proud [ Stats , News & Discussion ] You can call me Mr. ARSENAL

20. Renato | @TH14Renato - Individual

Bringing you news, transfer gossip, stats and opinion on Arsenal & football in general.

21. Aminul H. | @Arsenal Realm - Individual

Gooner Artist I pretty much tweet everything got to do with Arsenal as well as doing Arsenal Edits! - Brilliant Arsenal Images & Edits

22. John Cross | @JohnCrossMirror Journalist

Daily Mirror sports writer and football fanatic. Remember: If I’m anti-everyone I’m biased towards no-one. - Mirror Football Journalist, with special emphasis on Arsenal.

23. GoonerSphere | @GoonerSphere - Blogger

Tweeting the latest Arsenal News/Views from a variety of Gooner blogs.

24. Darren | @DarrenArsenal1 - Individual

Arsenal FC Shareholder & Season Ticket Holder, AST Member, FCB Member, Messi, Stone Roses, Hacienda, J-Pop, Factory Records and all that. Consumer Products since 1986.

25. SheWoreAYellowRibbon | @SheWore - Blogger

Don’t come for the news, come for the views. We are multi-admin on http://facebook.com/shewore  not all tweets are mine *GC* BSM MEMBERS.

26. Ben Hunter | @Hunter_49 Individual

Car nut with a slight Arsenal obsession. ‘Once an Arsenal man, always an Arsenal man’.  Proud Real Oviedo share holder!

27. Carl Bovis | @CarlBovis_AFC - Individual

It’s all about the Arsenal! I’m a massive Gooner! I love to photograph nature!

28. The Gooner | @GoonerFanzine Fanzine

The best selling Arsenal fanzine.

29. Highbury Harold | @BlackScarfAFC - Individual

One of Where Has Our Arsenal Gone? The pressure group speaking up for supporters of The Arsenal. These are my views; visit our website for official news.

30. Austin | @Frimponged - Individual

ARSENAL FAN FIRST AND FOREMOST! All things Eredivise. — I’ll keep you updated with all sorts of news.

31. Arsenal N America | @ArsenalNAmerica - Individual

I love Arsenal FC. Two beautiful US born kids. Go Houston Texans! 3rd Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt! FB all Gooners. Freethinker!

32. The Positive Gunner | @PositiveGunner Individual

“I really like Arsenal. But you, yes, you. Do you really like Arsenal? Or just Arsenal with trophies?” DB10… DISCLAIMER : Tweets NOT directed at middle ground.

33. Jamie Sanderson | @Sanderson - Journalist

Sports writer at the Metro newspaper. Working in the worlds of football, rugby, tennis, boxing and F1. I’m to blame for all views.

34. FeverPitch | @FeverPitch - Blogger

Come On You Rip Roaring Reds!

34. Gingers For Limpar | @Gingers4Limpar Blogger

Arsenal Lore, Arsenal Scores, Arsenal Chalkboards - Occasional match-day reporting for @cityam_sport

35. ArsenalShorts | @ArsenalShorts Blogger

Bunch of Arse. First with all the news, features and that…

36. Swiss Ramble | @SwissRamble Blogger

Brit blogging from Switzerland, usually about the business of football. - Excellent financial stats & facts about Arsenal & Football in general.

37. Jamie Dalton | JamieDalton82 Blogger

Arsenal fan, Write a bit, Notoriously pessimistic. Follows St-Etienne. Transfer whore. First Irish Nobel Peace Prize Co-Laureate since 1998.

38. 7am Kickoff | @7amKickoff Blogger

The 7amkickoff glass is always half-wanker/half-genius depending on your point of view. If I didn’t piss you off today, check back tomorrow.

39. GoodPlaya | @Goodplaya Blogger

Editor of Goodplaya.com - Arsenal blogging since 2004.

40. Phil Wall | @AngryOfN5 Blogger

Arsenal supporter; AST Board Member; Columnist and proofreader for The Gooner magazine. Usually right; occasionally wrong; always certain.

41. Ashburton Grove | @Ashburton_Grove Blogger

An Arsenal Football Club blog.

42. Arsenal Report | @ArsenalReport Blogger

Grooming Frimpong’s mohawk, since 2009. Arsenal stats, tactics, analysis, truth, opinion and numbers.

43. Gooner News | @GoonersAlive Blogger

Keeping you updated on Arsenal. [ Live Match Commentary, Transfer Gossips, Match Reviews + Much More ] - Great for regular Arsenal Images & Fan Art.

44. Arsenal Gentleman | @ArsenalGent  - Individual 

Born HIGHBURY 1878. Harrow; Oxford; The Guards, Woolwich; Highbury; The Emirates.

45. Philippe Auclair | @PhilippeAuclair - Writer / Journalist

Football writer, biographer and broadcaster, England correspondent of France Football and RMC, contributor to The Blizzard. Musician when none of the above. - Not a dedicated Arsenal fan, but certainly has a soft spot for The Gunners. 

46. Dev Day | @WorldOfArsenal - Blogger

Live Arsenal, Breathe Arsenal, Be Arsenal… Your World Is My World… The World Of Arsenal…

47. East Lower | @EastLower - Blogger

Blogging about the Arsenal.

48. Come on Arsenal | @MatiasGooner - Individual

Arsenal supporter [News, images, stats, and more]. - My heart, my life, my Arsenal!

49. Positive Gooner | @ProoudGoonerAFC - Individual

Huge Arsenal fan and will always be supportive of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. And I also hate Spuds.

50. Jacob | @Goonarchy - Blogger

Arsenal FC. Wenger loyalist. Henry idolator. Lately come. Here to stay. An Arse man through and through.


Now, Get Following!

There you have it. Fifty of the very best Arsenal Twitter accounts to simplify your Twitter timeline. Each of the accounts above are accounts which I personally follow, and highly recommend to any Arsenal fan. If these are the only accounts you follow - You’ll never miss a thing.

Naturally, the obvious candidates such as the Official Arsenal Twitter Account have been left off the list, to make room for lesser-known, yet equally useful tweeters.

Also, don’t forget to Follow The Clock End, we’re not too bad either!

Have we missed somebody off the list? Let us know in the comments section below.



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