Top 10 Funny Arsenal Videos

Over the years, some very funny Arsenal videos have emerged, capturing hilarious moments both on and off the pitch. Players, managers & fans alike have all contributed equally.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten funny Arsenal videos to be found on the internet. From bizarre moments on the pitch to classic chants at the train station, we’ve got it all.

[title]1. Keep It Up Pat[/title]

Arsene Wenger was no superstar in his playing days, but after years of working with players such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp & Sebastien Squillaci his technique has improved drastically. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our beloved Pat Rice.

Maybe this was the real reason for his retirement after all? Although, I doubt Steve Bould can do a kick-up either.

[title]2. He Hasn’t Got Any Credit[/title]

In 2007, the Arsenal away fans were on their way home after a victory against Reading. To their surprise, they found a lone Spurs fan lurking in their midst, minding his own business. Well, we can’t have any of that now, can we?

After some classic chanting & singing, a genius from amongst us realised that the Spurs fan can’t seem to get his call to go through. The improvised chant which follows is pure Gold. As a side note, please ignore the overly excited man at the front of the Arsenal crowd, suffering from Napoleon complex.

[title]3. The Water Bottle Villain[/title]

The Arsene Wenger sending off at Old Trafford became an instant hit amongst Arsenal fans and the media alike. The iconic image of the Frenchman standing in front of the United fans with his arms outstretched is a classic moment within itself.

However, the hilarity of the entire situation is too often missed. The disallowed goal celebration, the kicked water bottle, and the ridiculous sending off, all in quick succession. Gordon Strachan does a great job of narrating the events.

[title]4. Bendtner’s Goal Line Clearance[/title]

Poor Nicolas Bendtner could never make a name for himself at Arsenal. Take this league game against Liverpool for example. As Arsenal were desperately trying to take the lead, Fabregas pokes the ball into an open goal, guarded only by Bendtner.

All Big Nick had to do was not touch the ball. Simple. Failing that, a simple back heel would have sufficed him. However, what actually happened, sums up the Dane’s career so far.

[title]5. Say Yes.[/title]

As our captain at the time, Henry made sure that the young Cesc Fabregas knew exactly how to handle to the press. As the Spaniard is asked about the penalty decision, Henry has a ‘quiet’ word hin his ear, to avoid any blushes.


[title]6. Ljunberg’s Blunder[/title]

Despite playing a through a long, wholesome football career, Frddie Ljunbgberg’s biggest blunder probably came as he sat on the Match of The Day panel. As he describes the team atmosphere and friendly spirit amongst the ‘Invincibles’, Freddie gets a bit too comfortable, and swears on live television.

We love you Freddie, because you’ve got red hair. Well, you used to.

[title]7. The Queen Gets To Meet Arsenal[/title]

After a lifelong wait, the Queen finally got her chance to meet the Arsenal team in 2007. The affair went down rather well, but this re-edited version shown on ‘Mock the Week’ is utter genius.

[title]8. Vermaelen’s Crossbar Challenge[/title]

We’ve all been there. Sunday league, cold morning, the ball has gone out for a corner. Your next move before marking anybody is to coolly hang from the crossbar, perhaps even throwing in a chin up or two for the fans. Vermaelen, however, had no such luck.

Our newest Captain will have hoped that nobody saw this one, but you can’t slip off the crossbar on live TV and get away with it. Sorry Skipper.

[title]9. What A Dixon[/title]

Let’s rewind back to 1991, where Lee Dixon makes a fine contribution to one of the funniest Arsenal videos. Under no pressure, Lee decides that a looping, curling shot towards the top corner counts as a back-pass.

David Seaman simply had no chance, and the goal is still one of the quickest own goals in Premier League history. Nice one Lee.

[title]10. Crazy, Crazy Jens[/title]

How could we ever forget Jens Lehmann? The eccentric German was a great goalkeeper in his own right, but also provided some extraordinary moments on the field of play. From pushing battles with Drogba, to urinating on the sidelines.

However, this last video encompasses Jens Lehmann’s character perfectly. Grumpy, aggressive, and just darn right crazy.

[title]Over To You[/title]

Now that you’ve seen our list of the top ten funny Arsenal Videos, we’d like to hear about your funniest Arsenal moment. f we’ve missed out one of your favourite Arsenal videos, post it in the comments section below.


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