The Arsenal November Curse Strikes Again

The Arsenal November Curse is a phenomenon well-known amongst Arsenal fans. London’s gloomy November weather descends upon the Emirates Stadium accompanied by an unrelentling spell of terrible form for the Gunners. And like a lingering November cough, we just can’t seem to shake it off.

Unfortunately, the 2012/13 campaign has seen the return of the Arsenal November Curse. Bad performances, poor results and backlash against Arsene Wenger (from both fans & media alike) are all classic symptoms.

Even Arsene Wenger knows that November is a dark period for Arsenal:

[blockquote]“Traditionally, November has not been a good month for us. But I explain that by the fact we had more injuries. It is the first period when they kick in.” - Arsene Wenger[/blockquote]

[title]The Black Novembers[/title]

Historically, Arsenal have never prospered in the month of November. Below is an image illustrating the points claimed by Arsenal over the last five Novembers, through 2008 - 2012.

54 points from a possible 102, which is just a shade under 53%, is hardly respectable for a team of Arsenal’s stature. Such a statistic is far more befitting of a mid-table club. No wonder Arsenal fans annually dread the month of November.

So, What is it about this particular time of year that affects us? Arsene Wenger seems to point towards the ‘first period of injuries’. However, another factor may also be the large amount of games typically squashed into November.

Two of the five months analysed above, between 2008 - 2012, contained a staggering eight games in just one November. The traditionally thin squads that Arsene Wenger puts together may simply not be able to cope with the demands. Something to think about Arsene.

This campaigns November has been no walk in the park either. Arsenal played a total of seven games, meaning that twenty one points were up for grabs. Arsenal managed to claim just ten of those points. Good riddance, November.


[title]A White Christmas?[/title]

Can we expect a better turnaround during December? Having just lost the opening game of the month to Swansea, the outlook does not look good.

Arsenal travel to Olympiacos tonight in the Champions League. Once again, traditionally speaking, Greece has never been a location of joy for the Gunners. Whats more is, thanks to Arsenal’s qualification, the squad is consisting largely of unproven youth. Great.

There are no other games within December which should cause Arsenal any trouble. However, due to the most recent passing of the Arsenal November Curse, the Gunners are in terrible form, lacking confidence and feeling sorry for ourselves.

The quality of our opponents in December gives us a real opportunity to turn things around. Here’s hoping.


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