Aston Villa 0 - 0 Arsenal – Match Analysis & Player Ratings

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Aston Villa 0 - 0 Arsenal

Guest Post: The following match analysis is a guest post written by Adem Mustafa.

Good evening everyone, I’m Ron Burgundy I’m Adem Mustafa and I will be writing the match analysis for today’s Aston Villa Vs Arsenal game.

Following two good wins against Spurs & Montpellier respectively, Arsenal travelled to Villa Park to face Aston Villa for the first time this season. Aston Villa were recovering from a heavy defeat against Manchester City, and were looking to get back on track.

Arsenal started the first half in a very dull manner. As always there was plenty of passing and crossing, but finding someone on the receiving end of them was proving to be a difficult task.

We were losing possession just as quickly as we were gaining it, and our two full backs were being put to the test every time Villa decided to attack us, however Szczesny was taking care of anything that got sent his way.[quote_right] The first half came to an end and the Arsenal players should have walked down the tunnel feeling ashamed and disappointed that they didn’t take advantage of their chances.[/quote_right]

At the other end, Guzan was having what seemed to be a relaxing time between the Villa sticks, until the twentieth minute when a strike from The Ox forced him to come into action. The shot went just wide of the bottom corner but if you don’t take shots you’re never going to score (unless Aston Villa feel like scoring an own goal for some reason).

Arsenal kept up the pressure with more chances falling to Podolski and Ramsey. Podolski was unable to control the ball in time and Ramsey’s shot forced Guzan to make a save. It seemed like Villa were going to crack at any minute.

The ball finally managed to hit the back of the net after thirty seven minutes. The bad news is it was Weimann scoring for Villa. The good news is that it was ruled offside. Nice work there from the referee to spot that, it’s a shame that he didn’t manage to see a disgusting off the ball foul on The Ox a few minutes later though.

Arsenal carried on pushing forward and a beautiful chance fell to Koscielny to score in the forty third minute. No sooner had I processed the thought in my brain that he could potentially score and he had already sent the ball way over the bar. The first half came to an end and the Arsenal players should have walked down the tunnel feeling ashamed and disappointed that they didn’t take advantage of their chances.

The second half started in the same way the first ended. Cazorla got in a quick shot at goal but nothing came of it. Replace ‘Cazorla’ with any other player who shot at goal during the second half and it was the same story for them. Arsenal seemed to be playing as if they were 3-0 up. The energy from the previous victories had disappeared and as the game progressed, we looked content to be leaving with a point.

The only real effort of the second half came from Hollman in the seventy seventh minute which hit the bar. Had it not been for Szczesny’s solid and manly fingertips just getting a touch of the ball, it might have ended very badly for Arsenal.

Overall Arsenal have once again put in a disappointing performance. I expected better considering how well we played against Tottenham and Montpellier but what can you do really? C’est la vie as they say. And by ‘they’ I mean people who speak French.


[title]Arsenal Player Ratings[/title]

Szczesny: [8/10]

MOTM. Dealt with everything quite comfortably. The slippery pitch gave him a few problems but overall it was a good performance from our keeper and another clean sheet to add to the tally.

Jenkinson: [6/10]

Had a few shaky moments which is to be expected really. Put in a decent shift but I don’t think he’s going to be challenging Sagna for his position any time soon.

Mertesacker: [6.5/10]

The big German tank had what I like to call a good game. He made a few good tackles, but also allowed Villa to let off a few good shots at goal.

Koscielny: [5.5/10]

Defensively he didn’t play too badly, but I haven’t forgiven him yet for missing that first half sitter.

Gibbs: [6/10]

He had a good game considering that it was his injury comeback. I’m just happy to have Gibbs back. Had it been Santos playing, we might have had an even worse performance.

Ramsey: [5.5/10]

Unpredicatable at best. He Had one good shot at goal in the first half, then in the second half had one that was absolutely terrible. This is Ramsey in a nutshell.

Cazorla: [6/10]

Easily contained at times. I was expecting Cazorla to dance around the Villa players like some kind of beautiful Spanish breakdancer tonight. But alas, I was to be disappointed once more.

Arteta: [5.5/10]

I expected better from our captain tonight. There was no real authority to help push the team forward and at some points of the game, I even forgot that he existed.

The Ox: [6.5/10]

Made a few good runs and was unfortunate to not get anything out of them. Couldn’t have done anymore than he did.

Podolski: [6.5/10]

Had a few efforts stopped and tried his best to convert when he could. Should have been finishing the chances handed to him though.

Giroud: [5.5/10]

There has been a lot of pressure on Giroud lately, and rightfully so. The main part of his job description is to score goals and when he doesn’t do that, it becomes very frustrating to watch.


Gervinho: [N/A]

Arshavin: [N/A]

Coquelin: [N/A]

[title]’Un points’ for Arsenal[/title]

Once again it’s the same old story with Arsenal. Plenty of bark but no bite. Maybe Wenger can use some of the £150M that Arsenal have recently got from the new Emirates deal to bring in some much needed replacements in January. And hopefully that doesn’t mean just a 35 year old legend. Or indeed, a 16 year old prospect.

Arsenal only have 20 points from 13 games so far this season. Every time I think of that fact, I feel sick. Next up we have a trip to Goodison Park to face Everton and hopefully we can put in a better performance than what we did tonight.

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