10 Arsene Wenger Interviews You’ve Never Seen Before

Arsene Wenger is renowned for his rigid, stern faced post-match interviews, and after 16 years in charge of the club, we have all been well acquainted with Arsene’s politically correct approach to the media. He crams his responses with footballing clichés, and consistently turns a blind eye to incidents concerning his own players on the field of play.

However, could there be another side to Arsene which we don’t see? We’ve compiled ten remarkable Arsene Wenger interviews that show us a side of ‘le Professeur’ that we don’t see very often at all.
[title]1. Arsene’s First English Interview As Monaco Manager[/title]

It’s been so long now, that we forget that Arsene had a life before Arsenal. He was in charge of AS Monaco FC between 1987-1994. After dispatching Swansea 2-1 in the 1991/1992 European Cup Winners Cup, Arsene gave a post-match interview which is far more open than what we’ve become accustom to. Is it just me, or was Arsene’s English much better back in 1992?

[title]2. Ten Year Old Aspiring Sports Presenter Asks Arsene’s Advice[/title]

Ben, a ten year old competition winner, got the chance to ask Arsene about how to improve his game. Not only does he get told to sleep with the ball, but he even gets encouraged to imitate Lionel Messi himself. No pressure Ben.

[title]3. Arsene Wenger On The Beauty Of Sport & It’s Role In Society[/title]

We all know that Arsene Wenger is no Kenny Dalgish. He knows a thing or two about the world outside of football. This conference he gave at Arsenal’s recent tour of Asia encompasses Arsene’s view of sport, culture, passion and emerging talent.

[title]4. Arsene Reveals His Greatest Player Of All Time[/title]

Short and sweet. Much like Arsene Wenger’s favourite player of all time.

[title]5. Alex Ferguson & Arsene Wenger Getting Along[/title]

No you didn’t read that incorrectly. The two rivals joined forces at the League Managers Association in 2008 to answer a few questions regarding their mutual respect, and vision of the future. Arsene also reveals that Arsenal were ‘just a few hundred thousand pounds away’ from signing Ronaldo before Man Utd swooped in. Ouch.

[title]6. Arsene Wenger Looks Back on 13 Years In Charge[/title]

In 2009, Arsene Wenger sat down to discuss his 13 year-long career as Arsenal Manager. He tells us how lucky he was to inherit such a fantastic Arsenal side, reveals his best and worst Arsenal moments, and his source of inspiration.

[title]7. Unearthing the Gem That Was Patrick Vieira[/title]

Whatever you may think of Patrick Vieira now, his Arsenal days were undoubtedly phenomenal. And he owes it all to his former manager, Arsene Wenger. In this enlightening interview, Arsene likens Patrick Vieira to a pretty wife. No, seriously.

[title]8. Arsene Wenger On The Importance Of Languages[/title]

Have you ever wondered how Arsene spent his holidays as a young footballer? No, he wasn’t in and out of Vegas Casinos, nor was he caught with his pants down at the local night club. At the age of 29, Arsene spent his summer holiday in Cambridge, England. He stayed in a bed & breakfast, and spent weeks learning English with children half his age.

[title]9. Arsene Wenger’s Most Relaxed Interview Ever - Part 1 [/title]

I have yet to see Arsene as relaxed as this in a media interview. His best interview by far. He reveals his transformation as a manager, his challenges within the English game, technology in football, and even talks about his close family.

[title]10. Arsene Wenger’s Most Relaxed Interview Ever - Part 2 [/title]

Arsene’s eye-opening interview continues. In this final segment, he speaks about his desire to win the Champions League, being one of the longest serving managers in history, an Alcohol free lifestyle, and his Arsenal love-story.

So there you have it. Arsene Wenger as you’ve never seen him before. After 16 years of professionalism, it turns out there is far more to our great manager than a stony faced post-match interview after all. Who’d have thought it.

What do you think of Arsene’s sociable side? Let us know in the comments section below.


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